Is there a greater love than the love for a child? 

The anticipation as you move through your pregnancy is almost unbearable. 

Is it a boy or girl? 

What and who will they grow up to be? 

Sometimes as you await the birth of this miracle you forget that your life will be changed forever once they’re born. 

Your hair is one such thing that will change. 

Because of the fluctuation of your estrogen levels during your pregnancy,
you may not shed any hair during those 9 months. 

Then your blessing is born and your hair starts to fall out.
Add to that your new Mom stress and even more hair falls out. 

While this is alarming, rest assured your hair will grow back.
Belegenza Natural Hair Care products can aide you in that
hair growth while making
your hair feel soft and luxurious. 

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Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 


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