20210222What You Need and Don’t Need


Many beauty and hair products are organic and natural.
But what about the fragrances.
Can the products still be natural and yet fragrances are used?
The fragrances added are naturally derived and specially formulated for Belegenza. And yes, they are phthalate-free which eliminates allergenic responses.


What about essential oils – are they used? No. Some people are allergic to essential oils.

Belegenza has taken away the allergic response concern with our specialized phthalate-free process!


Are they natural fragrances?
They are derived from natural sources.
In the case of GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener, the only fragrance is the naturally occurring minty smell that comes from the mint ingredients
. So, this one has NO fragrance added.
The aroma comes from the ingredient itself. We have changed all our products to have phthalate-free food aromas…. in other words, not fragrances, but flavorings!

This further make our products food grade!
Our ingredient list should say flavorings, rather than fragrances!
Pretty awesome, huh?


Phthalate-free is so important. Here’s why. Phthalates have tremendous evidence as hormone disruptors in boys specifically.  Phthalates in perfumes are known hormone disruptors. In 1989 the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health evaluated 2,983 fragrance chemicals for health effects. They identified 884 of them as toxic substances. The US Environmental Protection Agency found that perfumes can contain toluene (which has since had lots of measures put in place to eliminate), which can cause liver, kidney and brain damage as well as damage to a developing fetus. That was the big problem years ago in the nail salons, if you remember. Also, the big news about phthalates now is that it is associated with evidence of hormonal imbalances, especially in boys and men, links to cancers and tumors, and fetal developmental problems. And just when you thought it was safe… it is used in vinyl, toys and cars, and is a key ingredient in nail polish. Is phthalate that new car smell I like? I wonder!


Eeeewwwwhh…..  need we say more? Phthalate-free is the way to go!  It’s no wonder we don’t like going down the detergent aisle in the grocery or can’t stay in a department store for more that a few minutes!


Alan & Cheryl