Well, it’s almost swim suit season; therefore, my exercise program is in full swing, so I can feel my best in my new swim suits. Running is my exercise of choice! Of course, I cross train with weight lifting, pole fitness, and water skiing. Honestly, I consider water skiing as more fun, play and pleasure than exercise, even though it is a total body workout!

There is a 3 mile loop through a beautiful park that I run at where I live. While I run, I cannot help but notice all the ponytails bouncing and sloshing around. It pains me to see this happening for several reasons.

First, it is a good indication that one has an inefficient and poor running technique.

Secondly, all the bouncing, sloshing, and beating of hair on our shoulders and/or back are very damaging to the ends of the hair. Allowing our hair to beat against our shoulders and/or back can cause split ends, breakage, and dry/brittle ends.

Imagine a piece of fine fabric continuously rubbing and beating against a surface. It will eventually fray and tear.

The same holds true for our hair. One must remember that the ends of our hair have been with us for a long time, years, in some cases. They have experienced a lot of shampooing, thermal styling, chemical processing (for most individuals), and environmental exposures. We should take special care of the ends of our hair to ensure they remain with us as long as possible! It is important to secure the ends so there is very little, or no movement whatsoever.

I wear my hair in a low bun/chignon, fastened with two elastic bands. I pull my hair into a low ponytail and fasten it with the first elastic band.

It takes 3 turns of the elastic to secure my low ponytail (varies on size of elastic band being used).

On the 3rd turn of elastic and pulling through of the ponytail, I stop pulling the ponytail through halfway.

This leaves a loop of hair in the middle and the ends of my hair on the side. I then take the ends of my hair and fold it over the loop of hair, so the ends of my hair reach the other side of the elastic band. Then I take the 2nd elastic band and fasten it over the ends of my hair and 1st elastic band. This also take 3 turns of the elastic band (varies with elastic band size) to secure the bun/chignon.

These simple steps will minimize your hair movement!