Mix and Match Disaster: I Want Hair Growth Now!

Fortunately, we deliver results.

Ask any of our enchanted customers.

Even people who TRY one Belegenza product ends up falling in love, and ordering our systems and packages.


Because, each of our products has so much attention to detail, that the powerful ingredients are able to penetrate past other products.

Once that happens, then it makes perfect sense to use Belegenza, exclusively.

From our shampoos,

to conditioners,

to treatments,

to styling products….

they each do what they say they’ll do,

they each replace the “synthetic natural” ingredients that have been slowing hair growth, and are in-the-way of healthy robust hair strength and hair growth

Here’s the problem though.

People who for many good reasons don’t go with Belegenza fully right away.

Trying a new product has all kinds of risks:

Will it work on my texture.

I finally found some things that kinda work for my (frizz, fine hair, flat, thinning, coarse, etc.) hair.

I don’t want to try ANOTHER something that is a disaster on my hair.

I’m tired of buying empty promises and sticking the stuff under the sink cabinet with the rest of the junk I’ve tried.

I’m tired of wasting money.

It may work on some heads of hair, but not mine because I’ve got this kind of special ( or weird) hair.

What do they (Cheryl & Alan)know…. they’re BLONDES…(not even natural, either! LOL!)

Why would I spend THAT much before trying just one or two of their Belegenza products?




There are many ways to say this.

French Fries from McD’s are probably the most popular and most bought French Fries in the world. We think they are quite tasty and under $2. They are made from potatoes.

Night before last, we went to a restaurant. They served French Fries, too. They were $6.50.

They were FANTASTIC. The oil was truffle infused, dusted in seasalt, and they were cut from a real potato and a sprinkle of parmesan (shredded, not from the Kr*aft sprinkle dried up stuff).

Both from potatoes.

Either have their pluses!

You get to choose.

So, in hair care, we do know this.

Mixing will work.

But, because we’ve fine tuned our “recipes” for years thanks to our VERY savvy customers, we’ve got the finest version of beauty products.

They cost more because we don’t use fillers nor ingredients that are inexpensive.

Also, they work together to create the best version of YOUR hair….every time.

So, you may be on a budget, which we understand.

We’re happy to get you hooked with one product.

AND, we think maybe you should wait, though, and consider this.

Plunk your money down on a package (we’ll help you find the best one) and get the ones that will give you the ‘immersion’ approach. 1-shampoo, 2-conditioner 3-treatment, 4-styling. You’ll notice a difference on the first use….AND as the 30 days go by, enjoy all the compliments, and results. See for your self!

If it’s not for you…. you’ll know and you can go back to searching.

If it is, though…… you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands to get on with life. You’ll easily understand why we say:

“Life is easier with awesome hair!”

AND, because Belegenza is so concentrated, you’ll have another 2 weeks or more before you run out. (Most people order on a 6-8 week basis rather than monthly because it lasts so long!

As fun as mix & match of beauty products is, it’s more fun to live with awesome hair, and gain the esteem, confidence and compliments that come with Belegenza Natural Hair Care!

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It makes complete sense to me.
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now I’m positive!”

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Cheryl and I look forward to fine tuning your product selections as you use them and grow and develop your hair beyond your expectations.

Your Favorite Brother Sister Confident Hair Growth Experts,

Cheryl and Alan