1. What is the conventional approach to hair loss?

2. What is the “other side of the story?”

3. How does Belegenza work for menopause hair loss?

4. Belegenza versus the Hair Industry Hoax

5. How women can address menopause & hair loss together with natural products

6. What is Belegenza and why!

1. What is the conventional approach to hair loss?

Menopause, hair loss, and other health challenges require medical advice, yet no one is telling the other side of the story that leads to hair loss, until now. Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s natural approach and shocking information reveal that permanent hair loss may not be inevitable.

2. What is the “other side of the story”?

Menopause is a time of hormonal fluctuations, partly responsible for hair loss, yet also something that can be considered as a transitional stage.

The main cause is hormones. There are other factors that can lead to this condition, such as genetics and lifestyle changes. This article will explain the best ways to prevent hair loss and how to reverse it once it has started.

3. How does Belegenza work?

Hair loss is often a sign of menopause, and should be dealt with accordingly. The symptoms of menopause are diverse, but many women report hair loss, which can progress to baldness. There is an effective natural treatment for this condition. Belegenza Natural Hair Care.

The secret of the products lies in their unique food-based formulas. They contain vitamins, proteins, & essential nutrients that can help rejuvenate your scalp, follicles and hair. They also help to strengthen hair roots & stimulate scalp circulation for hair growth.

Women who suffer from unmanage menopause are more likely to develop baldness as a result of their hormonal imbalances. Women suffering from a medical condition may feel “helpless” in the face of their “natural” symptoms that emerge especially during menopause. So, this product with Belegenza’s incredible, available support is a great solution for those who suffer from it.

4. Belegenza versus the Hair Industry

In Mass Markets, especially, conventional synthetic ingredients are used when the demand gets turned up really high. And because it’s too expensive to manufacture a true product in the large quantities the world’s population demands, it’s the usual solution.
The latest phase is that of the silicone era, introduced in the ’90s. Made of silica (sand), silicones, and smaller refined derivatives have made it possible to make affordable conditioners that essentially anyone can afford. When they put 2% of a trendy extract, like argan oil (late craze), or even coconut butter, and a gorgeous label and bottle, virtually anyone can be fooled into thinking it is the new magic, and certainly can afford it. Put a celebrity behind it, or make it a beauty supply product, they can increase the price with the same cheap sandy formula.

As the world ages and women experience a loss of male hormones during menopause, their hair begins to fall out. Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s research clearly demonstrates that permanent hair loss may not be inevitable.

5. How women can address menopause and hair loss together with natural

Menopause and hair loss are some of the most common health problems that women face, but they’ve been shrouded in secrecy. This is particularly so for women who are not out there talking about their situation and convincing those around them that it can be managed with a little help from themselves.

Unfortunately, this is still the case. Many women don’t know what to do when they start to notice signs of male pattern baldness (MPB) or pre-menopause-related hair loss (PTHL). It is not good enough to just say “oh my gosh, I have started noticing some bald spots here or there, I guess it’s time to check out my doctor.” The truth is that menopause and MPB can be managed well in some cases. But the key thing is that we need to find out how to get there together with natural products for our specific case. That’s why Belegenza has created a complete menopause package full of all the needed advice along with natural products, as well as a highly interactive website where you can ask questions and get answers from experts on hormones, nutrition, vitamins & minerals all in one place!

6. What is Belegenza?

The World’s First & Finest Silicone-Free Beauty Products.

If you’ve ever heard of silicone-free, Belegenza is the creator of this concept, thanks to the founders, Cheryl Wright & Alan Eschenburg.

We make real beauty products out of natural ingredients that are based on tried and true wisdom and elements, and are informed by scientific and technological advances.  Informed by the finest nature can offer, and refined responsibly into exquisite, effective and luxurious formulas that organically address specific beauty and grooming needs by using the advancements of science and technology to extract the most potency each ingredient has to offer!

All that said another way? You will look your absolute best, chemically-free!

Recently, the news that women may be at a higher risk of permanent hair loss caused by menopause was met with a lot of skepticism.

However, recent studies have shown that this could not be true. They found that women who went through menopause in their 20s were no more likely to experience permanent hair loss than those who didn’t go through it. There may be a bunch of OTHER contributing factors that are thinning the hair permanently, and that’s where we make a difference.

Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s approach and shocking information reveals that permanent hair loss may not be inevitable.

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