Men, Muscle, Success and Hair Growth

How you are perceived can make:

the financial difference

Satisfaction difference

Happiness difference

Social & family difference.

Respect difference!

Ask a physical trainer who deals with men building muscle

He’ll probably tell you about the perceived psychological factors that can make or break men.

A strong physique projects:

the ability to take care of one’s self and loved ones

that one can stand up for himself

that one has a knack for discipline and delaying gratification which is an indicator of success.


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Whether conscious or not, men compare themselves.

Women, don’t feel like you are off the hook on this one, either. On a subconscious level, a woman’s built in “job,” includes assessing a man’s strengths and weakness, so as to arrive at whether he is able to father properly….to provide great genetics for the bloodline, and as a role model and to provide the necessities of life. Said easily, women are about securing resources for the perpetuation of the bloodline/genetics.

So, men, too are always comparing to see if they are better than the other candidates from which women choose.

Men have many things from which to compare, so it’s possible to “win” in their minds in most cases.




Body type and build



And, the most common…

We don’t need to say much about this…everyone knows what wins.

Awesome hair.

So, it’s tantamount to have your hair be the best it can be!

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Powerful follicles produce the best hair.

Our specialty is just that… empowering follicles!

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