Raised in the old days by heroes that missed the FAME-Train, I learned things that are simple, yet are powerful, timeless and awesome.

My beauty-school instructor was the one of those stylists, who could practically look at hair, it would pretty much style itself.

From East Texas, she and her husband, after introducing wigs in the 60’s to the mainstream decided to take an early retirement into the Hill Country of Texas…

After leaving the salon for a few WEEKS, neither of them could stand the luxurious retired life, and in record speed, opened up their beauty school… with a “Practical Salon,” on one of the ends of their modest new beauty school building.

Back in those days, it was illegal for an instructor or school owner to be a stylist in their own salon, so they separated the two, and had the “Instructional School” and a small 9-chair “Practical Salon… gone Beauty Shop!”

We tell you this and a bit more to set the stage for more of our outrageous, unbelievable, funny, profound and even politically INCORRECT stories and lessons that have catapulted us to worlds we never expected…. In the movie/TV world, we call it “feather-duster-scene.”

You know it’s the butler and the chambermaid feather dusting the furniture and cleaning the parlor the morning-after the main characters have had an “event.”

For example:

Miss Esther: “You know how Lady Got-rocks likes a late full breakfast after grand parties, like last night.  The celebration of her daughter’s engagement to young, handsome heir to the Big Conglomerate Banking family brought out the elite and even a few celebrities.

Mr. Talk-too-Much: “Yes. I’m sure that Lady-Getting-Rocks is pleased to be nearing the wedding day. I was impressed with the convincing smile she had when the photos were being taken.  Fortunately, that was done before her former beau caught her eyes from across the room, and they disappeared.  I did see a few lights go on and off quickly in the Guest House..  I suppose they……

In our world, we call it the hair-sweeping scene.  Filling you in just enough to paint the picture without telling the WHOLE story, or even accurately identifying the characters and such.

We don’t have time for our own problems.  We’ve got our friends, clients, families, and situations that are much more interesting… and rather fun to watch and interact with…kind of like a LIVE Immersion Theater experience….


Even KT, my instructor’s daughter, Vera, used to say almost each hour…. “Momma…. you cain’t say that outloud!!!!”

KT: “Why not? It’s true.  She’s gained more weight than the law allows in one week! I make her hay-er so purty and I can only distract from all that fat so much.”

Cheryl said it best.  “If you could take Joan Rivers and Vidal Sassoon and blend them together, that would start to describe KT.!  One of a kind, she was.”

Wither her eye for hair perfection, her magic hands, and her horrifically funny bluntness, we feel we owe it to the world to celebrate her spirit and tell you how she altered our lives in such a magnificent way, that some moments we actually wonder if that which we say outloud, the decisions we make, the seeing that we have into profound details,
They say that there is life after death.

We believe it.

ALAN:  “Not a day has gone by in over 38 years ( and counting), that I don’t hear her voice in my head…. or that I don’t hear her words falling out of my mouth.  Sometimes, I’m unsure about “a hair” and like she did, I transport myself into “WWKTD” What Would KT Do?, and like magic, that ONE hair that can make all the difference, seems to transform itself magically into the momet that has the hair owner’s eye sparkle with pleasure and satisfaction!”

Cheryl and I have created a language of our own.  Much of it comes from our channeling of KT with her smiling East Texas dialect, and accent.

One of our supreme compliments which KT said only when it was undeniably true….

“I like your Hay-er!”

Different than “I like your hair.”

Hay-er requires the  enunciation  of TWO syllables. …. and that means it’s TRUE.

If we say….  I like your hair

It might be a nice, politically correct way of saying something THEY want to hear, but we really don’t like.

It might mean… I like your hair (better than it was before).

Notice there is no period?

It’s because there is more to the sentence that we say to ourselves in our head, and telepathically communicated to each other, which then makes us smilewhich makes it seeem more complimentary. 0pppppppppppppppppppppsdo0-cv

It sounds a bit evil, but we keep talking until we “get to some truth, FIX the problem, and no one is offended in the process!

I like your hair (tied up in that bun so we can’t see the terrible ends of your overgrown hair)

I like your hair (when I imagine your hair color balanced out and naturally shiny again)

After decades of working together, we seem to communicate telepathically not just between ourselves, but to the person.

Like magic, it seems that they have practically have filled in the missing part of the sentnece.

They say:

Oh, thank you.  I tied it up today in a hurry.  I know I need a trim and some help with the ends.  What would you do if I gave you permission?


Oh thank you.  I tried this new ombre thing and it needs something.  I wish I could at least get more shine in it, but I don’t want any chemicals.


It used to be that we had to actually set up shop EVERYWHERE to DO hair from everyone begging for our work.

Once we invented Belegenza, though, we improve EVERYONE’S hair because part of our magic starts with awesome hair-fabric!

For decades, we could only DO so many heads of hair per day,

we can now transform ANYONE’S hair into Hayer!

By the way, another joke of it all is that some hair is a dry as hay.   So it gets even more tongue-in-cheek from time to time.

When we see really funky hair… we do mean it, but we say it way differently…..  That’s another story!


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Your Favorite Brother Sister I-Like-Your-Hair Experts,

Alan & Cheryl