How do you keep your red lipstick on all day?

That is a question I get asked often!

For those of you who know me, you see me in red lipstick, like the color Marilyn Monroe wore, 90% of the time. I sip on coffee, water and eat throughout the day, managing to keep my original application of lipstick on all day!

To do this you need to first, buff away any dry skin on your lips with a wash cloth.

Second, you need to line your lips and then color in your lips with a lip liner. This allows your lipstick to adhere to a base. Please take in consideration that your lip liner will alter your lipstick color. You’ll want to match your lip liner as closely as possible to your lipstick color.

Third, you need to apply your lipstick to your lips, blot with a tissue, and repeat the application of lipstick. When choosing which type of lipstick, matte finish lipsticks usually wear the longest.

If you want to add shine, feel free to add a gloss or balm on top of your lipstick application.

Be aware though, the slippery toppers will increase the chances of your lip color bleeding and wearing off. This results in more frequent touch-ups and re-applications.