What if you could start growing your hair faster, starting now, without even making an investment?

If you fail this test, you may be  losing valuable hair growth and strength.

1. Does your shampoo contain SLS , Sulfates, or salt?
These can ‘burn’ your follicles with repeated use.

2. Does your conditioner have silicone or dimethicone (-cones) or cyclopentasiloxane (-anes)?
Cones & -anes (made from sand) smother your growth sites.

3. Does your gel/styling aid have acrylates (-ates)?
Fancy term for liquid plastics.    This clogs and covers like a smothering plastic wrap.

4. Do any of the above ingredients or ingredients that are similarly spelled and unable to be pronounced?
Similarities mask newfangled ways of sneaking culprits into the mix.
Not all chemical names are bad,  for example,  Dihydrogen Oxide is Water, Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C, etc. (we’ll help you more later with this education).

Stop using these culprit ingredients NOW!  They may be undermining your natural ability to grow hair.

Imagine using on your new garden, car wash soap (sulfates), salt,  caulking (silicone), then covering it in trash bags and plastic wrap.

HINT: Don’t expect a harvest with that combo!

That’s only part of the story.   If you are serious about gaining as much speed in growing your hair as possible, Belegenza has a 4- part Fast Hair Growth Package solution:

  • Combines years of global research & development
  • A worldwide collection of  proven ingredients
  • Free of the culprits (synthetics and chemicals)
  • Enriched with nourishment from  food ingredients
  • Super easy  4-part system

All working together to naturally supercharge your scalp’s ability to grow hair faster, grow hair stronger, and grow hair that gets compliments every day.

If you failed the test, it may be the best thing that has happened to your hair, because now you can

WIN again with thicker, longer, healthier hair, growing at rates you may not have seen since your childhood.

Because the solution deals the with basic common physiology of  all hair,

it works for men, women,  & children of all ethnicities!

Belegenza offers a specialized bundle of products designed to stimulate faster hair growth