For so many years, we’d work with people and get so frustrated.  We’d give them perfect cuts, colors and styles, yet it was never good enough for us because of the quality of their hair!   It was like making a gourmet dinner with junk food.

Cheryl and I, after years of trying new products, both top brands and organic products, took it upon ourselves to create our own line that would allow people a POWERFUL, powerful, powerful base that would give them the most healthy and elegant hair possible.   Now, our artistry is  enhanced to new levels.  Our focus is to share this with others so that they can experience the finishing touch that elevates their hair to masterpiece levels!   Imagine Michelangelo’s  Sistine Chapel done with crayons….  Imagine a creme brulee made from a box of pudding mix!

Doesn’t it make sense to offer your hair the very best available?   If you are entrusting someone to cut, color and style your hair to be the best it can be, don’t you think you should take them the best hair possible?   You can see clearly that Belegenza does exactly what you now want for your hair. You grow it, and we nurture and feed it the finest elements in perfect blends.  Your hair responds like never before.  Your stylist gets to show you their very best, and ultimately you get to show off your hair as the crowning glory it was meant to be!