In Beauty School, we had to learn to do perms, both the kind to make hair curly and to make hair straight.
When it came to making hair curly in the 80’s, we were
out to create “style support.”
This was “perming” curl that would emulate the hair structure’s optimum curl that could be blown out into ‘hot

rollered’ curls.
 Especially for hair that was fine or medium & needed the extra “style support” to make it look fuller, or as some said, POUFY.
 To know what limits the hair could tolerate, (what size perm rollers to use) 
we did the curly ribbon stretch test. We would snip 1 hair, or just pull it out if we felt mean that day. Then slid
& pulled that hair between our fingers til it almost popped into 2 pieces. Even if it snapped, that was okay, because as it coiled back in shock, it would coil to the
size curls that would be the “best style support.”
This told us if we should use large rods or pencil-sized rods.
Breakage rule: If you curl hair tighter than this, you exacerbate the chances of broken hairs & frizz.
Think of it like an old credit card that you fold back &
forth to break it into pieces before disposing of it.
What’s that got to do with hair, ponytails & breakage?
When you strap a ponytail into place with an elastic, think of it like the perm rod size. When the top layer of hair gets bent around that elastic, in most cases, it’s too
small of a bend for that texture. 
Add the sun, & swish that ponytail as you workout or jog. The heated friction breaks that top layer of hair.
It’s no wonder you get
fly aways that won’t go into your ponytail day in & day out!
Then you say, “My sides & bangs never grow out!”
It’s cuz you’re doing the credit card hair cut each time slosh that ponytail!
Sure, sloshy ponytails can stir an onlooker’s urges, but the broken hair is a real turn-off!
What to do?
Larger elastics, DRENCH your hair in SpotLite Shine Serum & then stabilize that ponytail in a bun.
Try braids with elastics at the ends only.

You’ll love how
strong, shiny, & long your hair gets day by day!

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