Bombshell blonde hair takes extraordinary care before and after the bleaching process. Of course, it also requires an amazing colorist….which I have!

We use ProTect Base Cream to protect my scalp from the bleach application. We use TransFix Shampoo to remove the bleach once I have reached my desired blonde. We condition my hair with RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment. After we towel dry my hair, we apply VirgINity Hair Repair to restore my hair to a virgin-like state. Depending on my desired style, we follow with either PerForm Gel (for a curly style), or Simply Straight Progressive Straigthener (for a straight style). Lastly, we apply SpotLite Shine to polish off my finished style!

Do you want long, luxurious, platinum, bombshell blonde hair? Watch this video for a how-to, start-to-finish bleaching application of my hair.