A GOOD SOURCE of Vitamin A is delicious and good for your hair growth!

Cherries : Full of Vitamin A for GREAT Hair Growth.

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Obviously, vitamins are vital for good health. But if
you can get that goodness through eating a food rather than taking a pill
that’s even better.

We’ll let you in on a marvelous secret.

It’s cherries.

The vitamins present in cherries combined with its natural array of other PHYTO-nutrients  are
wonderful for our bodies,
hair and hair growth!

Cherries provide nourishment to our hair so listen and
discover what cherries
can do for you.


What are Cherries loaded with for hair growth?

Vitamin A  keeps hair and scalp hydrated.

Vitamin B helps in improving blood circulation in the body, including the scalp, which ultimately means better hair follicle satisfaction and hair growth. This results in regeneration of the existing cells, triggering hair growth.

Vitamin C helps in strengthening hair follicles and prevents breakage from the roots and added anchoring molecule strength!

Vitamin E helps in proper blood circulation to maintain immunity and helps prevent hair damage. Rounds out full array of hair growth nutrition.

Pretty awesome, right?

It gets better though…..

If you’ve been to Italy, you’ll recognize this.  After dinner, while relaxing with your friends, family and extended new “Italian” family a

how to grow hair faster
Refreshing evening snack that forwards hair growth!
hair growth, belegenza growOUT
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gorgeous bowl of fresh cherries in ice water would land in the middle of the table!  What a refreshing delight…..Is this why those Italians have such luxurious and thick hair?  It’s certainly worth a try, don’t you think?!

Now that you’ve added this delicious beauty hack of cherry delight, it’s time to be sure you’re hair products are ACTUALLY feeding your hair and follicles at least as well.

If you’re in the market to surprise and delight your follicles for your BEST HAIR GROWTH possible,
that’s what Belegenza GrowOUT is all about!

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You’re Brother/Sister Experts with Cherries on Top!

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