Before you think chemo is the biggest enemy to your long-term hair growth, buckle up for safety. Chemo hair loss is worse if you are doing what you are about to discover in this blog post!

As the wise say, “Beauty is wasted on the young.”

Robust hair growth is in this category as well.

Young healthy bodies grow awesome hair! You remember, right

Today, though, hair growth is being stifled by shampoos, conditioners, and preparations laden with silicone. 

Only a decade ago, hardly anyone even paid attention to silicone.

Now, because of our groundbreaking work, you have heard of the Silicone-Free Era….we created this era! 

Unfortunately, even today, most don’t know a bit about it, until a health issue kicks in and it’s time to do an inventory on what the world is causing the illness. 

By the time someone is diagnosed with cancer and has to face the chemo conversation, hair growth is ALREADY compromised.
There are volumes written by health and medical experts about chemo hair loss and even that hair growth is compromised as the body is being overtaken by cancer. 

But even before chemo kicks in to cause the severe hair loss, there is another dastardly thing happening.

That’s the bomardment and smothering of the follicles by the silicone and silicone derivatives in shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels, etc.!

Here’s the REAL story of silicone….

Originally designed as an electrical insulator, it has an incredible history, and has made its way into the personal care industry, one of the main reasons being that it is cheap to produce, a glossy/glassy cover-up, yet may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. It did, however, make a game changing impact in the performance of hair care products in general upon its acceptance in the mid-90’s, but not without unknown concerns.

Also known as, DIMETHICONE, SIMETHICONE, CYCLOMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE, PHENYLTRIMETHICONE, AMODIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE COPOLYOL, CYCLOMETHICONE, SILICONE QUATERNIUM-8, TRIMETHLYSILOXYAMODIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONOL, DIMETHICONE PEG-7.) POLYSILICONE-9, CYCLOPENTASILOXANE, DIVINYL-DIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE COPOLYMER, PEG-12 DIMETHICONE, CYCLOHEXASILOXANE, PEG-PPG-18/18 DIMETHICONE, METHICONE, DIVINYLDIMETHICONE, there are new versions coming into the market regularly, and can be typically identified by the suffix –cone or –one or –ane. (Did you know the Keratin in Keratin treatments are silicone related, it’s how they stick to the hair, and don’t be fooled about Formaldehyde-free. Another lie for another blog post.)

So, before we go further with you, you can see that just because it’s organic, it’s not necessarily without horrible side-effects.

Even organic arsenic will kill.

These “organic” silicone compounds have been replacing natural ingredients in all aspects of human consumption for the past 20 years, and as mentioned before, upped the quality of performance of hair and beauty products forever, and until Belegenza, had never been surpassed with natural ingredients.

These derivatives are created from sand and synthesized at over 1700 degrees, and the full-blown side effects on the human body are yet to be documented. (Silicone breast implants tried to reveal something!)

By calling them organic, because they come from the earth…sand, doesn’t make them safe to put near your follicles and hair.

Glass is of the same “organic” origination.

It is out of context in our opinion, though.

Now did you know that when lightning strikes sand, it makes glass?

This is good, right? Of course. Glass is good….except….

When glass shatters (small particles or derivatives for the sake of comparison), it’s dangerous to the human body, right?

Sand or glass-like molecules turned into shards of small glass is very dangerous to the human body.

Eat or drink glass shards, and you’ll be at your own funeral tomorrow.

How can you be sure silicone stuffs in shampoos and conditioners are safe?

THEY said so, and it’s organic. 

Remember, so is arsenic organic.

Until proven safe, which we believe they are NOT….why take a chance?

Why so much about silicone on your scalp? 

Basically, it’s like caulk to your follicles.

You know, that rubbery glue stuff that seals the toilet to the floor.

That stuff that eventually turns black in the tub and shower?

It’s a GREAT sealer. So great that it will smother your follicles and clog them so much over time that your hair falls out.

So, by the time chemo kicks in your follicles are already struggling. 

Chemo seals the coffin shut on hair production. 

The next crucial time is after your last chemo treatment.
YOU WANT to be sure that those follicles who were bombarded with chemo have the best chances of re-awakening and growing back your hair!

By missing this window, it may cost you hair growth permanently! 

So, there you have it.

You’re getting enough to deal with during saving your life from cancer and we know it.
We don’t mean to scare you, but inform you and help you with things that doctors are really not trained in. 

They are superbusy saving your life, and some actually really don’t care if you have hair or not.

They want to save YOUR LIFE! 

We let them do their part, and we want you to let us save your hair and hair growth! 
We trust them, and you trust them. 

Give us your trust at least until 68 days after your last chemo treatment.
You may do what you will afterwards.

Our experience is that you’ll be back, if you ever leave us, especially when we show you what we really can do for you and your hair. 

We’ve done the hard work for you so that you can save as much of your hair growth in the long-term as possible.

Just let us take care of you and your hair from now until 68 days after your last chemo treatment. During that time, you can do your own research on chemo hair loss. 
Of course, you’ll see, like the others, that we are the products of choice in this category…AND by using Belegenza while you do your research, you will have saved as much of your hair growth for your new life as possible by using Belegenza during this crucial time. 

Yes. We are a bit pushy right now

We know what we are doing. 

Don’t take chances. 

Of course we’ll be here for you for years to come.

Give us 68 days of your hair journey, though, so that later when you, too, realize that we at Belegenza are the best in this category, you’ll have as much hair as possible! 

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By the way. You really will get personal access to us, Alan & Cheryl with your package and product purchases. No kidding.

Your Trusted Brother and Sister Hair Growth Experts, 

Alan & Cheryl 

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Like our celebrity stylists and their scrutinizing clients, you, too, can achieve unbelievable hair safely.

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