Nourishing & Soothing the Scalp for Chemo Hair Loss and Chemo Hair Regrowth

Make sure you deliver loads of nutrients and proper elements to the core of your hair for maximum day-to-day hair growth, so that your hair is protected and strengthened from root to tip at all times. This is especially important during chemo hair loss & chemo hair regrowth.

 You have it in your garden, or potted on your patio. 

It is easy to grow, green, and beautiful. You already know that it’s great for soothing. But did you know that it can do other wonderful things for you? 

We are talking about Aloe Vera. It is good to know that it is good for your skin and for weight loss.

But we, of course, love that it is good for your hair and scalp care after chemo hair loss, which is why it is the basis for making Belegenza results so amazing.

 Aloe Vera contains something called a proteolytic enzyme that repairs dead skin cells on the skin, which is abundant during chemo hair loss.

It also acts as a good remedy and leaves all your hair smooth and shiny, while stimulating hair growth, preventing itching of the skin, reducing dandruff and settling your hair.
AND, as you know with medicines like chemo, because of its inability to “aim” only at the cancer, it kills the cancerous tissue and it “accidentally” gets some of the healthy tissue as well. 

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Our luxurious products begin with Aloe Vera, known for its superior healing qualities.

This is why some scalps are better suited to the healing effects of aloe and require additional TLC. With Belegenza you will get the best skin care after chemo hair loss, as well as awesome hair and hair styling! And, it’s perfectly suited for you when you are out for chemo hair regrowth!

So if you do not have an Aloe plant, next time you are at the garden shop be sure to pick up a pot! If you are not famous for having a green thumb, you can get your pure supply of Aloe from our amazing Belegenza products!

Your skin, scalp & hair will definitely love it

In that aloe base, there are 17 proven, tried and true other ingredients, loved by 17 of the world’s cultures known for growing hair faster whether chemo hair loss related or not!

So, no sense in wasting time searching for the usual products with one or two supposedly effective ingredients. Use 17 perfectly blended ingredients in GrowOUT each day for 30 days, and get ready for your “selfie” close ups! You might end up with better hair than you had before chemo!

Aloe is well known and proven for antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also has the ability to help treat everything from asthma to diabetes and is especially excellent for Scalp Care After Chemo Hair Loss and for chemo hair regrowth!

Aren’t you ready to see what’s possible for your hair?

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Your Favorite Brother and Sister Aloe & Scalp Experts, 

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Alan & Cheryl 

Nourishing & Soothing the Scalp for Chemo Hair Loss and Chemo Hair Regrowth

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