I have to admit, that I’ve become someone I never thought I’d be.

I remember hearing a motivational speaker always saying…

Enrollment is a matter of being touched, moved, and inspired.

For the most part, I live a pretty amazing life, and have had the smarts to keep VERY wise people around me.

Not just my mentors, but also, our clients in salons, and of course, our obsessed Belegenza customers… like you.  (This is true because you’re reading this…)

Here’s what’s happening that has Cheryl and me becoming people we didn’t know we could be.

Chemo patients.

Cancer survivors.

Care givers of Chemo patients.

Family and supporters, friends of Chemo patients.


When we get an order for  a Chemo package, we can assume ONE thing… and that is that the person has either just been diagnosed with cancer, or are in the process of chemo, or are on the healing side of finishing up their chemo.

Either place is a powerfully emotional place for them AND their loved ones.

So, with all the laws and rules that prohibit us from asking medical questions, we have to be VERY careful what we ask, what we assume, and even how often we reach out to make sure we are providing the BEST service possible.

You see, we’ve helped countless chemo patients and they’ve taught us so much…. and some of this info is super helpful to one of our new chemo package users.

So, we have to be able to establish a relationship with each customer that instills confidence, care, and NOT violate any laws.

We are consistently looking to see how we can invite you to be in communication with us.

It’s beyond clever marketing like we do for celebrities, fashionistas, people who demand the finest for their hair and “look,” yet we still have to do that.

The chemo journey is unique.

It is VERY personal.

It is VERY emotional.

So, we don’t push.

We don’t blatantly ask questions.

We have been developing ourselves and Belegenza as a company to allow YOU to reach out to us, and let us know how we can serve you best.

It’s a dance.

We are not perfect at it yet.


We love when you call us and ask questions.

We love when you email us.

We love when you send us confidential pictures ( that we don’t publish ) showing us your progress, hair growth, new hair, new styles, etc.

We love when people gift their loved ones Belegenza because of the word-of mouth that is growing daily.

What we love most is that we are creating real relationships with real people dealing with very emotional situations.

Then, as the years go by, and we realize that someone has been an obsessed Belegenza user for years….. it is an ultimate compliment.

So, I find myself in tears almost daily, when I get those phone calls, texts, reviews, emails and even stopped on the streets by a satisfied customer singing our praises.

If you’ve ever read our bio’s where we talk about our Granny who was a nurse, you can really see how I never thought today’s work would be part of my decisions from my 6 year old self.  (I was a squeamish kid barely could tolerate the sight of something as simple as a paper cut! Though I wanted to be a doctor, given my admiration of my Granny, I just knew I’d never do what it took to be a doctor…..)

I’m still not a doctor or nurse, but with what we’ve developed with Belegenza and our assistance to chemo folks, I feel like I’m actually helping people with their journey, their confidence, and such.

So, like we say all the time.. we may not be able to help you solve your problems, but we can help you look and feel better while you deal with life.

Life is easier with awesome hair, right?


Your Favorite Brother Sister Chemo Journey Hair Growth Specialists,

Alan & Cheryl