Do I need to use conditioner afterwards? can I use beauty oils instead of conditioner? such as jojoba, rosehip, argan


IlLustrious is built with our patent-pending conditioning ingredient, so it has a bit of conditioning quality.  It performs best with one of our conditioners to boost your hair from its current state to the best condition over a series of uses, which is about 30 days.  BUT, the answer to your question is actually no.  You may not experience the conditioning qualities as easily and readily, but you will have good results.  If you choose to use oils as you’ve listed in your question, it will cause the shampoo to not lather well on your subsequent shampoo treatments due to the large molecular weight of the oils.  What makes our product and patent-pending ingredients so unique is that they have a light molecular weight, thus being effective to the core of the hair.   Beware of products with the above listed oils, as because of their heaviness, they are listed low on the ingredient lists, preceded by silicone derivatives, which we do not support.