Once you try, you won’t even remember your last moisturizer. But unitl then, we’ll be polite and say some products are completely compatible with Belegenza, but we first recommend that you give your hair a fresh start for the first 30 days of use, to allow the residue from other products that may simply get in the way of Belegenza’s effective conditioning elements. For example, moisturizers may have a silicone derivative, or a mineral oil derivative, or wax, or even a coconut oil that is simply too big and it gets in the way. These may not allow the full effects of Belegenza to penetrate, or may congeal on the hair making a “gooey” effect on the hair.

Though you’ll feel the difference the very first time, Give your hair and scalp a chance get a fresh start by using Belegenza for 30 days (approximately 12 shampooings), exclusively. As the silicone barriers/masks come off the hair, some textures may experience a bit of tangling, but that’s usually due to the gooey coverups melting down and exposing the real damage underneath. Speed this transition up by using RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment, EnCore Leave-In Conditioner, and/or VirgINity Hair Repair. The tangling effect will lessen quickly and before 30 days, you will be celebrating the reward of luxurious hair again, that keeps getting better and better.