August is considered Hair Loss Awareness Month. 

In our “trade journals” there are several articles touting the issues surrounding hair loss. 

As expected, the usual suspects and the usual causes. 

Yet what startles us the most is that only ONE of the six interviewed experts made a mention of what we consider a tantamount reason for hair loss. 

She said, (name withheld so we don’t have to deal with backlash from the publisher, writer, and other experts)…..

……”There are numerous reasons for hair loss that can range from a basic shedding to an autoimmune issue. Sometimes, though, it could be as simple as the scalp is not in a great condition to support growth. Stress, illness and genetics are a few reasons to consider, but the culprit could be as simple as that the mouth of the follicles is blocked by complex compounds and the hair simply can’t grow.”


The word is getting out that we’ve been preaching for almost 20 years!!! 

Could those complex compounds be silicone
Could those complex compounds be dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, etc? 

Well, the jury is still out. 

One thing we know is that when people use our GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray, they are getting the results of over 17 trusted hair growth factors…. of course, without silicones or nasties (parabens, sls, mineral oil, paba, acrylates, sd alcohol, petrolatum, sodium chloride, etc.). 

We also know that when people see these results, they up the power by using our GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener to eliminate silicones that are present in growth shampoos! 

Thus more results because the complex compounds are purified away! 

The backstory of how GrowOUT was started is the reverse of Belegenza product usage. 

We started with IlLustrious Shampoo and Cleanser. 

After a few months the calls and questions kept coming

“Why is my hair growing faster?” 

All we were doing is using pristine premium ingredients that removed silicones and the nasties from the scalp and hair! 

They noticed their hair growing faster and stronger and more beautiful than ever! 

When this breakthrough happened, we decided to research the world’s top hair growth factors and how we could combine them into our highly effective natural shampoo, and that’s how GrowOUT was born! 

The challenge was how to create the perfect recipe. 

We narrowed it down to the top 17 hair growth factors that to this day are still getting all the credit for hair growth worldwide! 

It wasn’t easy and it’s not simple. 

You can try, but who really has time for all of that research and formulation time? 

If you are like most who cherish their hair and desire longer, stronger, thicker hair growth, then you’ll agree that trying GrowOUT is an enormous value. 

If thinning is happening, you want to arrest it as soon as possible, and keep every single follicle active and growing, right?! 

So, rather than trust one miracle ingredient in a complex compound product that has the best marketing at the moment, doesn’t it make sense to go with a natural complex compound remover that boasts over 17 trusted hair growth factors in one easy to use shampoo and treatment? 

Of course. 

Plus with your purchase, you’ll also get our private cell/text so that you can ask questions any time directly from us, the creators! 

So, don’t deprive your follicles any longer. 

They are counting on you. 

You’ve now found the ultimate, so get started now. 

Don’t do like so many who couldn’t remember how to find us later, when our message finally sunk in. 

It’s not easy to remember how to spell Belegenza GrowOUT, much less pronounce it! 

Bell uh JEN zuh! 

Get started with the GrowOUT Essentials now, and grow with us!