“Are your products Unscented? “


We do have a specialize Phthalate-free fragrance designed just for Belegenza and each one is different for each product including that some have none whatsoever, other than the natural fragrance of the

The luxurious fragrances of Belegenza products begin with natural scents from the food extracts. From there, they are embellished with specially formulated phthalate-free fragrance, satisfying the experience of fragrance with the gentleness and purity of foods and botanical ingredient itself.

Cheryl and I are able to wear designed Phthalate-free fragrances full strength on our skin with no issues whatsoever.  Nevertheless, they are used in our products, and they dissipate quickly so that the user gets the luxurious experience.

So, if you are sneezy from smelling fragrances, we are not for you.

Although if you are sensitive, we may be compatible for you!

We did fragrance free completely in the beginning, but the experience felt so lacking that we set out to have fragrances that were non-reactive, and that’s how it came to be that we now ultimately have fragrances that combine with the scents that occur naturally like the smell of peppermint, for example, has naturally, which is the key note of the GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener!

And, just to make note, some people are sensitive to naturally occurring scents, so it is really an individual thing that may require simply trying it out for yourself!