How important are your feet?

If you’ve ever had a foot injury you know the answer already.

Besides the luxurious DIY treatment we are about to share with you, did you know there is a whole practice of REFLEXOLOGY, that is the study and practice of activating all parts of the body by the nerve endings in the soles of your feet?

In electrical “circuits,” the flow of electricity must be unimpeded.

This is the basis of REFLEXOLOGY- to stimulate and restore the circuit that may be blocked by waste-matter on the nerve circuits in the feet! 

You can learn more about that later….

Of course, if you’ve ever had a foot massage, this may be why it is SOOO rejuvenating and as some have said, practically orgasmic!

So, if you can’t go get a foot massage, pedi, or reflexology, here’s a quickie that you can do yourself! 

Here’s our inexpensive way to treat your feet that you can do while you’re sleeping.


Get ready for your feet to be smoother and more refreshed than ever.

Gather these 4 things and get started.

1.  Saran wrap (or some type of plastic wrap)
2.  Large socks
3.  A moisturizer of your choosing 
4.  A towel
Before heading off to bed at night, take extra care to wash your feet with hot water and then towel dry them.
After that all you do is simply apply generous amounts of moisturizer to your feet.
Wrap them in plastic wrap.
Pull the socks over them and go to bed!
If you’re worried about a possible mess you can leave the towel under your feet as you sleep.
Next morning unwrap and ta da — soft and relaxed feet!
You, of course, can do this during the day but nighttime is really perfect.
During the day, you might jump up and try to walk and even though you have socks on, it can still be slippery inside and we don’t want you to slip, fall or trip! 
So, with this nighttime trick, all the work is done while you’re sleeping and it doesn’t cut into your busy day and is a dreamy & safe way to bliss.

TimeLESS Skin Moisturizing Lotion (coming soon) is perfect for this technique. Especially if you have a few rough spots that need softening and exfoliation. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you have a few crusty spots.

In a few treatments, though, no one will ever know, either! 

Take me to the TimeLESS Skin Care–click here now!

Your feet deserve this moisturizer, but be warned, your whole body will be begging for it!

Your Trusted Brother & Sister-Feet-Hair & Skin-Moisturizing-Experts,  

Alan & Cheryl
P.S. Not responsible if you develop your own personal foot fetish. Just sayin’.