Intro to After Chemo Hair Loss 3 Ways to Stop It! How Long After Chemo Does Hair Grow Back!

After your last treatment, it takes several weeks or so for the chemotherapy treatment to leave your body and stop attacking your healthy, rapidly dividing cells.

If you are like most, you want ALL your hair to grow back and be even better than before, right?!

A shocking revelation has shown that the 68-day regrowth period is VERY important and overlooked by most. Not because people are stupid. But until now, no one has taken the time to educate chemo hair loss patients!

How Long After Chemo Does Hair Grow Back!?

Typicallly, once the follicle starts back to its rapidly dividing rate, it takes about 14 days for the tip of the hair to emerge and peek out from the scalp. Very fine and pointed, it’s not like the kind of bristly feel that you get when you shave down a hair to the surface of the scalp, and it emerges with the blunt end created by the razor.

So, once that fine pointed tip of the hair shows its glory, you are definitely on your way to a healthy amount of growth.

Keep in mind though that sometimes that hair is not fully keratinized, as it is trying to set up its “factory” again, with just hair building blocks that you’ve eaten, and if the residual chemo is still being processed out in the detox mode, the next few weeks of growth can seem very fine and somewhat baby-like hair.

The good news is that its hair.

It’s filling in, and even though you still might be self conscious, the part that you can’t see deep in the follicle is probably becoming healthier, more substantial.

This is the critical time that you must do all the right things for the follicles so that they have all they need to BUILD those hairs, and don’t get discouraged and shut down forever.

Understanding hair growth can help you better understand the hair regrowth process after chemotherapy.

And, that you are here, is a GREAT sign that you are on the right track. Most people just think they can return to “normal” washing and conditioners that can gunk up the works permanently.

It’s understandable, because manufacturers just want you back to buy the stuff that’s easy for them to make with a big profit margin.

So, let’s go over this again and add a few more details that YOU WANT to know for the life of your hair growth!

(If it’s too much for you after 68 days, you can always downgrade to regular products. BUT, after a few weeks when you see that some of the gains you’ve made begin to slow and even dwindle, like our other obsessed customers,  you’ll come back to Belegenza!)

Let’s keep fine tuning and digging in…. right?!

All hair goes through phases of growing, transition, resting, releasing, and HOPEFULLY new hair growth. (Do the wrong things in the first 68 days after chemo hair loss, which could be permanent!)

Generally, this is what most can expect to see after chemo treatments are complete:

3-4 weeks: Soft fuzzy hair forms

4-6 weeks: Real hair begins to grow (the 68th day is in this phase, and if you didn’t do all the right things, don’t expect the ultimate long-term hair growth after chemo hair loss).

2-3 months: About an inch of hair growth with more body than the first soft fuzz…..

3-6 months: About 2-3 inches

12 months: About 4-6 inches

Are you wondering what to do for “After chemo, will hair grow back?” Hold on!

Hair growth may be slow at first, but we are here to help you maximize your hair growth and help stop hair loss.

After Chemo Hair Loss: 3 Ways to Stop It

1. Pay attention to everything you put in your hair: This includes everything you lather, slather, spray, squirt, smush, or rub on your hair and scalp. These items contain ingredients like plastic, acrylates, and silicone that get into the pores, follicles, and crevices around where the hair and scalp meet, thus sealing, clogging, and choking off your hair growth. It’s like a wrapper is on your hair and scalp, and you can’t simply rinse that wrapper off and out of the follicles and pores. The follicles, which are smothered and can’t breathe, struggle to form hair, but in its compromised condition, they start to give up, thin out and eventually give up, and you go bald.

2. Avoid soy, corn syrup, and mercury(fish): Unfortunately, soy protein is responsible for phytohemagglutinin, which is a plastic-like complex that lodges in the finest capillaries of the body. Follicles have some of the finest capillaries. Soy is used in everything from salad dressing, bread, protein bars, biofuel, and ink printed in a book.

Corn doesn’t exactly attack hair follicles, but many nutritionists will tell you that corn products disrupt so many metabolic processes and more that your body will go into emergency mode again to get that disruptor out of the body or store it in the fat cells to not deal with it. With your body dealing with all the disruptors, there are minimal to no nutrients left to build hair.

Mercury is also a disruptor of the body’s metabolic processes and is not just in canned tuna. Watch out for swordfish, mackerel king, orange roughy, and tuna.

3. Avoid substances that collect in or on your follicles: We worried about petroleum and mineral oil in hair products a few decades ago. But now, with “progress”, manufacturers have replaced those oils with silicones, acrylates, waxes, quaterniums, and plasticizers, which do wonders for making the hair look better, but that is until it thins out and falls out.

Conclusion to After Chemo Hair Loss

How Long After Chemo Does Hair Grow Back!

You must have the proper education about what you need to do to ensure long-term hair growth, or you could end up with weak, thinning hair.

So, its fine if you feel the need to navigate this crucial 68 days after your last chemo treatment. You’ve had to make a ton of life changing decisions. So, this is could just be too much for you right now and we get it.

We’ve done years of study.

We’ve assisted tons of people to getting through this phase in a stress-free and easy manner.

We’ve learned from generous people who’ve helped us to help you get though this phase and grow a new head of hair with great satisfaction and confidence!

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What other company does this?

Just Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl.

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