“Everything you’ll need to know, you’ll learn in the beauty shop!”

Our mantra, as told to us by my beauty school instructor!

Coming from a small town in South Texas, Cheryl and I never set out to be Hollywood, Red Carpet folks.

In fact, it really happened in a way we could NOT have planned.

We simply kept learning from our clients in the beauty shop!

And, because we are kind of boring hairstylists, in a sense, we attract amazingly successful people.

What do I mean by boring?

Cheryl doesn’t like the taste of alcohol… so that has kept her from the bars, parties, drug scenes, and even restaurants for the most part because, she has no need for ‘a drink.’   You know, how it is in shows and real life….when they say… “Oh, what a day… I need a drink (glass of wine), or whatever!”  The truth is we have lots of those kinds of moments, like anyone else, it’s just that she or I for that matter finds that a drink doesn’t help us.

So, even when we made to Hollywood, and the drinks and ‘lines of you know what’ were flowing and generous, it was the dessert table that was our choice!  So, you could definitely say our white powder of choice is wheat flour or white sugar! We’re not righteous about it, either.  It’s just that I fall asleep easily with alcohol, Cheryl doesn’t like it and we’d rather gnosh on a piece of cake wrapped in a french roll or on a bagel!

We boring types only attended ONE Red Carpet Event as guests, because by the time we worked all day backstage, we were so exhausted, that we’d get to our hotel, and not even WATCH the Oscar’s or whatever show…  We really learned why so many celebs and famous folk did the other white powder… so that they could keep up the pace for all that show biz stuff.

Not us.

It was more like….

You look awesome.

Your on.

We’re off to our hotel, by way of the donut shop, deli, and/or room service.

Love ya.


How did we land the celeb/Hollywood thing?

We made beauty world changing products.

A Celebrity Salon got hold of Belegenza by an obsessed Belegenza customer.

The Celebrity Salon owners commanded our attendance with them for the 2008 Oscars hair prep.

Beyond our expectations, we got picked up by the best of the best of the premiere Local 706 (Makeup Artists & Hairstylists for Hollywood), which took us into all the studios, shows, and supply houses!

I would start dropping names, and thank you’s but like they do on the awards shows, music would start playing before I could tell you 1% of all we appreciate for making us successful….   And, more importantly, who really made us successful are our obsessed Belegenza Fans, like you, who’ve been taking advantage of our incredible Belegenza products made by a rather boring Brother Sister Team!

So, we needed to know someone to start the ball rolling.

It was that client in the beauty shop who started talking about Belegenza to her colorist.

From there, magic happened….


Everything you need to know, you’ll learn in the beauty shop!

How do we develop a new product?

We talk to our peeps in the beauty shop.

How do we get in touch with the CEO of such and such company?

Ask our peeps in the beauty shop….

As we look back at the CEO’s, Directors, Producers, Celebrities, Board Members, or even who’s the best home repair person for our home, we learned about them in the beauty shop!

So, to this day, we always keep a beauty shop atmosphere to insure that we ALWAYS keep learning!

Thank you, Mrs. KC!

If you want to discover how to have YOUR most awesome hair, consider this blog an extension of our beauty shop!

Let us show you what we guarantee will make you happier with your hair immediately!

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Your Favorite Brother Sister Beauty Shop Educated Experts,

Alan & Cheryl

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