3 Tips for Postpartum Hair Regrowth

Intro to Postpartum Hair Regrowth

You’re a new mom or soon to be a new mom. 

There is plenty of excitement and things to look forward to in the future.
However, you may not be too excited about the idea of losing your luscious, shiny, thick pregnancy hair. Postpartum Hair Loss is frightening, yet there are 3 things you can do to make it back to hair growth! As your hormones change during pregnancy and postpartum pregnancy, so does your hair. 

So, as hormones do what they do…. let’s go over 3 things that can keep it from being a hair thinning disaster! 

How Hormones Affect Your Postpartum Hair

We all know that hormones drastically change during pregnancy. We’ve all heard about some of those crazy cravings, like pickles and ice cream.
Not only do hormones affect our mood and cravings, but they also affect our hair.

During pregnancy, you’ll see an increase in estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin. There will even be an increase in blood volume. There could even be up to 50% greater volume than usual!

Your increased levels of estrogen are preventing you from losing your normal rate of hair. This means the usual 80-100 hairs people lose per day are staying anchored for longer!
This is then compounded by the increased circulation of your increased blood volume.
Once your baby arrives and your hormones and blood volume return to pre-pregnancy levels, your hair makes up for lost time by falling out in larger amounts than it had been while pregnant.

The natural question is “how do I keep those hairs anchored past the hormonal reset,” right? 

Postpartum hair may start the day after you deliver your baby and can last as long as a year. The fourth-month mark is normally when it peaks. It seems to be correlated with breast milk production and reduction.

So if you are still losing hair when your baby is a few months old, that is expected.

Ready for the 3 tips for dealing will your postpartum hair and encouraging hair regrowth?

3 Tips for Postpartum Hair Regrowth

1. Scalp massage: Isn’t hair regrowth a great excuse for a scalp massage! Maybe “Daddy” can’t change a diaper very well, or do any of the 3 million things you have to do for baby every day, but this he can do! Massage my scalp!….daily!

Not to mention how relaxing massage can be to help relieve any stress you may be experiencing as a mom. Doing it yourself is fine, but if you can enroll “Daddy” or nanny or when that visitor says….”Is there anything I can do for you?”   BAM!  As a matter of fact…..   

Either way, use the pads of your fingers ( or theirs), apply gentle pressure to the scalp and perform circular motions on your scalp for at least 4 minutes. This helps stimulate blood flow to your scalp to optimize hair regrowth. Tell them that Alan & Cheryl said you have to get this massage daily! 

2. Eat a balanced, nutrient-dense diet: ​Protein is important because it provides the amino acids that makeup keratin, which is the building block of your hair. Lean meats, beans, fish, eggs, dairy, kale, and asparagus are great sources of protein. Eggs are believed to help boost collagen production. If you are vegan, there are choices, yet stay away from soy and soy oil, too!  Butter oil, by the way is typically made of soy, so don’t be fooled! It will undo any efforts of hair growth within hours!

If you don’t heed this warning & you see your hair falling, you won’t be able to say we didn’t warn you.

Healthy fats, such as coconut, olive, and flaxseed, provide your body with long-chain polyunsaturated fats and linoleic acids which are necessary for hair structure. Notice soy oil is NOT on the healthy list. Fruits and vegetables are essential to provide a variety of nutrients such as vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin b5, vitamin b12, folate, zinc, and niacin.

3. Use the right hair care products: Using natural, gentle, chemical-free hair products that will nourish your hair and scalp can go a long way, too!
And just because it says natural does not necessarily mean good for hair follicles and hair growth.
Silicones are considered natural by the mainstream which is disgusting because they can wreak havoc on hair and follicles.
Get your list of avoids for free by clicking here now. Silicone AVOID List. 
Also, incorporate a weekly deep conditioning treatment for deeper nourishment to your hair and scalp. By the way, organic is NOT silicone free, either. PLUS, the heaviness of essential oils, shea, organic coconut oil, sunflower oils and more will smother the hair and follicles. In a pinch, it at least is not toxic. It’s just a layer that the scalp then has to reject by increasing sebum…..super oily hair is the result…. and still some hair loss. 

If you deserve the best life has to offer and want to keep your hair in optimum condition and thickness, here’ what you want and must get during this crucial time after child birth…  Postpartum Nurture Mommy package. For your weekly deep conditioner, use RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Conclusion of 3 Tips for Postpartum Hair Regrowth

Postpartum hair loss can be stressful and frustrating.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the loss and to care for your scalp to optimize hair regrowth.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!

Typical hair growth products specialize in one or two supposed ingredients diluted into silicone based products. 

With time of the essence, you can now use 17 tried and trusted hair growth factors in these products all at once. 

Yes. Take me to the Post Partum Mommy Hair Package

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