The Secret 68-Day Window for Chemo Hair Loss AND HAIR GROWTH

In a world where chemotherapy drugs wage war on cancer cells, the body’s rapidly dividing cells, here’s why it attacks the innocent hair follicles. 

Hair cells are also considered and function as rapidly dividing cells! 

Chemo doesn’t know the difference, so this is the “collateral damage” that complicates the nightmare.  

So, it’s obvious that you have to do what you have to do to eliminate the cancer, but let us share with you a bit more of what may make a positive difference for your follicles and hair during this process. 

What we have learned is that it becomes crucial to provide proper nourishment to the hair follicles, given that the turnaround of rapidly dividing cells can be as little as 24 hours from the attack of chemo!  

Failure to properly nourish each and every hair follice may inadvertently convey a message of hopelessness to thechemotherapy, chemo, chemo hair loss, chemotherapy hair loss scalp thus extreme chemo hair loss.

So, it is wise to be most cautious to NOT compound the effects of chemotherapy, which is already attacking the dividing cells. 
That means do not add insult to injury. 

Do not add more chemicals, even those in conventional shampoos, conditioners or styling products, like silicones, acrylates, or sulfates. (and more…) 

The focus should be on sustaining the follicles and preventing their permanent loss, which could possibly happen when dealing with chemotherapy. 

Of course this is true DURING chemo, it is also true particularly within the immediate 68-day timeframe following the last chemotherapy treatment! 

The preservation of the hair follicles is of utmost importance, and here’s why. 

During this period, the body undergoes detoxification from the cancer-killing substances, affecting the rapidly dividing cells within the hair follicles. And during this period, the residual effects of the chemo may still be compromising the follicles ability to fully restore its hair growth functions. 

If there is any chance of saving the follicles, it is during this critical window.

It is imperative to take every necessary step to ensure long-term hair growth.

Taking risks during this time is strongly discouraged.

So, if you are not ablsolutely sure about what you are about to put on your scalp and hair… don’t! 

Maximum effort must be exerted, and that is precisely what Belegenza  specializes in.

We, Alan and Cheryl, with Belegenza Natural Hair Care, pledge to assist you during this crucial 68-day period. So much so that we are going to give you our personal phone number and text support along with your package.

Belegenza Natural Hair Care eliminates the guesswork involved in choosing the right hair care products for your specific needs, especailly during chemotherapy hair loss.

Through continuous ingredient research, we have consistently delivered the best and safest options available.
And, with all of our products, each an every ingredient has been specifically chosen and designed to work in what we call the “Dual-Faceted Strategy” to free your follicles of harm and simultaneously supercharge your follicles for long-term health and a lifetime of longer, stronger, thicker hair growth. 

Now, with the Chemo Premium Care NOW package by Belegenza,
you can benefit from 17 proven hair growth factors in a single set of products.

Remember, healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp!

Amidst the abundance of information available, it is easy to become swayed by the allure of the latest product on the market.

However, many have discovered that nothing compares to the effectiveness of Belegenza and the
personalized assistance that comes with these packages.

As the saying goes, “I always come back to Belegenza.”

Even after day 68, you can transition to conventional, well-known products if you wish, but as you see the difference you’ll realize that Belegenza is always the best choice for you and your hair from now on.

Countless others have found that Belegenza, combined with personal guidance, is unparalleled.

By choosing Belegenza during this critical 68-day period, you can rest assured that you have done everything in your power to provide the best care for your hair.

And remember to get your free “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed.”

Get started now!

Chemo Premium Care NOW package by Belegenza

Even though Belegenza products are easy to use, with your package you will also have a packet of information so that everything is very clear to support your hair growth journey. 
And, as we said, you will also have our personal contact information (in that package)  so that you can be in touch with us at your convenience! 

Get started now!

Chemo Premium Care NOW package by Belegenza


The Most IMPORTANT 68 Day Window for Chemotherapy Hair Loss AND GROWTH
The Secret 68-Day Window for Chemo Hair Loss AND HAIR GROWTH
Chemo Hair Loss 
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