What if you got paid when your friend starts using Belegenza?!

Imagine your next compliment, ” Wow, you look great!”

You reply with, “I use Belegenza!”

I’ve heard of that.  How do I get some?”

Here’s the website address, (a link that automatically tracks her purchase and you get perks and pay!)

Awesome, right?

Imagine your hairstylist or colorist commenting on how great your hair feels since your last visit!   Tell them how you love Belegenza.  When they start carrying it…YOU GET PAID!

All you do is sign up, now, for your link affiliate code, by clicking here now!

Combining Bricks & Mortar with Online

Belegenza is proud to offer an online Affiliates program!
Whether you are a deeply satisfied customer, or a savvy salon or business owner, simply offer your private code to your friend or customer, or link it on your website, and we do the tracking of their orders, and pay you the commission!

When the clients buy,  we ship directly to them.
You receive the credit.

This is a great solution for small business owners, bloggers, salon owners, salon contractors, website owners, specialty stores, and natural stores, etc.
As a professional, you offer the finest hair service, consulting, and/or other products and services, and now, when you add Belegenza extraordinary products that “feed the hair, ” you will be making a huge difference!

We carry the inventory,  so you have no overhead expense,  and we ship to the customers – respecting both your privacy and theirs.

Bottom line

You create beautiful, styled hair showcasing Belegenza’s shampoos, conditioners, and styling products
You’ll reap profits, and increase the growth of your retail business with exclusive products.

No inventory is required

You can order for customers, or the customers can order online
In either case, we’ll ship directly and quickly to them
And you receive the credits, and or commissions

Click here to sign up, now! 

This is so easy and simple, now you, as a happy customer, can spread the word to your friends, family and followers, and get paid!  The more you send, the more you make!

10% commission on product prices, paid to you as you accumulate $100 in commission increments, and that adds up fast.

Turn your compliments and comments into commissions and cash and maybe even free products from time to time!

Of course, there’s a bit of fine print.   We reserve the right to cancel your affiliate link at any time without notice.