Menopause Hair Growth & Balance Package



Hormonal changes can certainly affect hair growth. We’re here to help!

It’s common for women going through menopause to also experience hair thinning and hair loss.
⬝ Hair follicles get smaller with age.
⬝ You may have the same number of hairs, but these are harder to see.
Add greying to the mix, and it can be upsetting!
⬝ As if that’s not enough, grey hairs are weaker, can break more easily, and can be wiry!

Isn’t Menopause already enough to deal with?

Ever wonder why it just seems so complicated?

Wouldn’t you like a little help along the way?

Though we may not have all the answers, we are certainly your “go-to” for access to great hair during your process!

Not only will we clearly help you take care of the hair that you have, we will certainly show you how to slow hair loss, prevent adverse conditions… and what if you got stronger, longer and even more new hair in the process?!

When you stay connected with Belegenza, we continue to research, develop and educate you about the latest in what happens to your hair and scalp during these times.  By always listening to our customers and their needs, it’s understandable why we have become the experts in this category.  By identifying the many challenges women are faced with, we lead the way above and beyond other products with this first and most crucial first principle in making products: by taking away any and all possible chemicals and synthetics that might be “smothering” the scalp or diminishing a healthy scalp environment.  This is completely opposite what major manufacturers and salon brand do. Busy adding glosses, and chemical and even organic cover-ups to the hair, the root cause is never addressed.  Now, as you experience Belegenza and the powerful benefits we have to offer, you will realize that we address your hair from the originating source–your scalp and follicles, thus helping you GROW your best hair possible.  Simultaneously we will begin rebuilding the response of your current hair and length.  It’s no wonder why women praise us for months and years on end as the hair grows in at its peak genetic quality.  Think of it like an apple tree… while other manufacturers and brands are busy polishing and shining up the apples on the branches, Belegenza is nourishing the roots of the tree, caring for the tree’s overall growth and development, thus producing volumes of perfectly natural, delicious and vital apples.  By approaching your hair follicles and growth in a similar way, you can completely understand why this approach is so effective and it’s why you always want Belegenza as your partner in having your best hair possible.

[Besides “no-lather” shampoos from other brands, the latest insult is dry shampoos laden with aluminium powders–beware!! SLS, Sulfates, Silicones (see the “other names” list of silicone growth barriers hidden in popular brands by clicking here, now)  and many more, these chemical residues left behind may have your hair shine for a day, yet their long-term side effects accumulate, making tomorrow’s hair weaker, finer …and less.

Belegenza, free of Silicones, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, phthalates, sulfates, salt, paba, acrylates, plasticizers, gums, formaldehyde and more, sets the stage from the very first moment for better hair growth conditions.  Once you have made the choice to continue with this obviously correct approach from Belegenza, you will gain more and more benefits, day by day and month by month as your newly nourished hair now grows in for more manageablity and versatility.

“My hair feels young again, like it did when I was a teenager!” …D.J., mom of 2 adult children.

By now feeding your hair a relaxing, soothing and gentle array of food grade ingredients, these extracts give your scalp what it wants  to do what it does best…grow your best hair possible!

Your hair now looks great and you feel more confident than ever as you overcome the other challenges life has to offer!

“Just wanted to give you thanks for making my hair feel like it did when I was in my 20s. Didn’t have time to apply the hot instruments today before I flew back home. Running my hands through it tonight it’s silky smooth and pliable. Was hit on by two different men in the grocery store while visiting parents. And the captain of the plane gave me a big smile when exiting the plane. So what am I thankful for? I’m thankful for all the work you’ve done developing these products that make our hair like we were in our 20s and hair that turns heads and make people shocked when we tell them how old we are.  Thank you my dears and I’m grateful for your everlasting good works….~~J.B., PhD, MDAnderson Cancer Center”

Not only have we become experts in this category, we’ve also made it simple and easy to start and manage your hair’s transformation from chemical laden to food extract nourishment.  You could pick and choose a few products and get some results, yet you want to give your hair the best possible chances, and with the 4 products below, you will have at least a 6 week supply of perfection to insure results.  Not only freeing your hair up of chemical residues, you will also find that this package is more cost effective than the national average. (Annual savings averages $251 per year vs. store bought products)!

1. GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener
This SLS-free shampoo gently removes cosmetic and chemical residue to allow your scalp to “breathe.”  This alone is the key to growth. Not only chemical free, there are over 28 extracts, not just one or two like other growth products.  These extracts are packed and stacked specifically to supercharge the effectiveness.  This formula features the most effective ingredients used in top rated products from all parts of the world, yet all combined into ONE synergistic formula like never before! Clearly the finest.

2. RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
This unprecedented conditioner pushes strength into your individual hair strand’s core , moisturizing the scalp to perfect pH balance. By blending unique ingredients, it now balances natural scalp oils, encouraging growth conditions-at the scalp level.

As countless satisfied customers have reported–your hair will feel young again–immediately.  By penetrating deeply, the moisture, strength and appearance of you hair will get better with each usage. Guaranteed!

3. GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray
This product contains a concentrated burst of nutrition designed for your scalp, follicles and hair.  Because of the effectiveness of the active ingredients in GrowOUT Shampoo, this formula is a powerful concentration that soothes, nourishes, and encourages the scalp all day long. Its sole purpose is to encourage growth, yet also serves as a freshening spray on non-shampoo days as well.

4. PerForm Control Styling Gel
This non-PVP, non-synthetic gel is infused with a springy-seaweed protein based helix. By attending to the core of the hair, this extraordinary protein adjusts itself into any texture, from fine to coarse, now further refining the hair for maximum style-ability, style memory, and hold.

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You can invest in these items separately, for $160.00.

Although, with this package offer, you can now have all of these for $133.00 including FREE shipping within the contiguous US!

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“The volume it added to my hair with first use AMAZED me.”  ❤ K. Swift, Oakview, CA (tinted hair)

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For more about how Alan and Cheryl use nutrition for growing hair as fast as possible, and what are their beliefs for healthy scalps,  visit their blog and read How To Grow Hair Faster: The GrowOUT Diet.

Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page, near the bottom.

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