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On a skinny budget, and need your hair to be it’s extraordinary best?

Are you about to go back to inferior mainstream products until your budget gets worked out?

Or, have you never been able to justify the expense of Belegenza for your hair, yet?

Would you like a FREE SpotLite Shine Serum as a bonus to give Belegenza its chance to transform your hair?


If you found this page, you know about Laura, who inspired this deal and the “1, 2, 4 approach” to awesome hair.

If you don’t know Laura or her story, we’ve pasted it below ** which went out to our interested subscribers and customers only.  This way, you, too, will be included and informed of this sensational offer.

Here’s the package:

Category 1: IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser (learn more..)

Category 2: RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment (learn more..)

Category 3:  (we are waiting on this one for Laura, and you, til she can work her budget out)

Category 4: SpotLite Shine Serum (FREE in this package only, thanks to Laura), (learn more..)


*****As of today, November 23rd, as we told you in the email, you may want to stock up on other products, because you already have plenty of IlLustrious and RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment.  So, we have expanded this offer to include any orders of 2 or more products from all categories to receive your FREE $28 SpotLite Shine Serum. No need for coupon codes or anything.  Maybe a note in the note section, if you wish, if you feel better about it….OR, if you would, tell us a “why I love these products so much” comment! As you know, we have free shipping in the Contiguous US on all orders over $95 as usual if you want to stock up and still get your FREE Spotlite Shine Serum!  Click here, now, to go to the SHOP page! *****  This offer is only good til tomorrow at midnight!

*****LATEST UDATE!! (Sunday, November 24, 2019)

This offer has been extended til Sunday, December 1, 2019.  You probably got an email about.  If not, it’s okay. You’ve found this, and you have the opportunity to take advantage of it anyway.  Please remember… no substitutions on packages (it’s an inventory nightmare for us.)  If you want to add to your order to get FREE Shipping in the Contiguous US, just order more than $95.  This was originally over tonight, but we decided due to the win/win/win of it all, we’d extend it through the WHOLE Thanksgiving Weekend, which serves as our never-before-done Black Friday Sale.  There will be no other Black Friday Sale offerings, so don’t wait.  Do it now… And, now, back to the story about Laura and how this sale actually came about! *****

When Laura raved about Belegenza and how her hair and family’s hair had never been better..EVER, we realized we had to find a way to take care of them.  Not only did they love the products, they always refer customers to us, and we believe in taking care of our customers, especially those who take care of us!

So, even though she wanted MORE of our products now, her budget only allowed so much.  She considered going to the “famous” products at the high end aisle at the drugstore, she had already tried everything in the past, and not only was it not satisfying and laden with nasties and silicones ( even the organic ones) she just didn’t like to step down, after having grown in  her hair with BelegenzaA true believer, she knew she wanted to stay with Belegenza not just for the health and beauty of her hair, but for her well-being and more importantly her 4 year old son’s health and well-being.  (She tells us he has his own special bottle of IlLustrious Shampoo that only he uses!)

Well, to make sure that we could keep them in their spending budget, we went to work for her.  OUR concern was, as always, was to deeply condition the core of their hair, AND keep them from needing to resort to any product that might get in the way of doing so, which is a big problem.  You see, once that silicone derivative or even an organic oil (argan, coconut, etc.) gets on the hair, it gets in the way of our patent-pending ingredients.  We didn’t want anything to block the results she desperately needed at the core of her hair, because, she had already stepped down for a month with those inferior types, and she could really tell her tinted/lightened hair was getting dryer, brittle, and lacked the shine it had for the past year with Belegenza. She admitted she was completely spoiled, now… and better for it!

So, we made a deal with her, which is the 1, 2, 4 approach and that’s how this offer came about!

We know her setback is temporary.  We know when her hair looks AWESOME again, it will boost her confidence and personal POWER.  With that, she’ll manage her budget, and be an even more dedicated Belegenza customer.

That’s how we win.  We win also, because she’ll be referring more customers, as always, and it keeps our “advertising & marketing” budget money in check so that we can continue to concentrate on the finest ingredients possible for everyone!

So, pretty much, if you got to this page via our email, you are already familiar with Belegenza, and recognize this is a very EXCLUSIVE offer that has never happened before and it’s pretty certain you are ready to click the ADD TO CART button.

If you found this, yet have not yet experienced Belegenza, now is the time to take a chance.  If you’re not sure, we get it. There are tons of things that sound like the miracle you’ve been waiting for.  Nevertheless, we can assure you, and if you know someone who uses Belegenza, we RARELY, if ever, offer sales. Our business model just doesn’t support it.  The ingredients are our focus, they are expensive to obtain and process, and we charge a fair price for this excellence.  In other words, it’s not overpriced like other products that charge one price some of the time and then slash it 50% or whatever.  In our opinion, those others are only worth the amount during the sales price, and all the other times, it’s seriously overpriced.

So, to wrap it up…. our FREE offer is only possible because we stopped some of our ad spending, and invested it into Laura’s family, and hopefully, yours!  Anyone who advertises knows that ad spending is a major expense.  For these short 3 days, we turned off our ad spending and offer to YOU the expense of our  SpotLite Shine Serum for FREE.  We are certain you will love your hair more than ever when it gets the Belegenza royal treatment, and we now have the chance of making you a lifetime Belegenza customer, like we did with Laura and her family.

Doesn’t it make sense to try?

By the way, doesn’t a $28 savings sound good?

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P.S.  As you know, we ship for free within the Contiguous US for any orders over $95.  If you want free shipping, you can simply add one or more products to your order and we’ll include the usual free shipping!

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**Laura’s email story:

The other day I heard from Laura who really
needed help.

They were dealing with a skinny budget and it
was causing her to have to resort to using regular products to deal with the
dryness and lack of shine in her long tinted hair, which was getting worse everyday.

They were afraid that if she continued to
tint and use the usual brands, she’d be losing the length to broken and
split ends faster than it was growing out and they definitely didn’t want that.

Luckily, after chatting with me briefly
they realized that they could use our most powerful core products until her finances
improved, and this could all happen in just 30 days. Not only that, because the
products can last up to 3 months a bottle, which saves money in the long run, she opted for the “1, 2, 4 approach!” (More

about the counting error in a minute).

We realized that there may be a number of
people that are either in a similar situation or know someone who is,  which is
why we created the FREE SpotLite Shine Serum Deal.

Here’s what Laura got:
*IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser which is a 1 category (shampoo)
*Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment, which is a 2 category (conditioner)
*FREE SpotLite Shine Serum, which is a 4 category (styling aid)….
This way, she knows she’ll keep the nasties and silicone off her hair AND allow for
the best penetration of conditioning, moisture, strength and shine to
get restored into her hair, and give her more than 2 months of products while
she sorts her budget out!

Now you get the “1, 2, 4 approach”, right?!

BY the way, the FREE SpotLite Shine Serum
not only eliminates dull hair from the inside out,  but it also is the patent-pending core
conditioning magic that is laced into all Belegenza Natural Products.  Not only will the shine improve, the
flexibility of the hair increased to lessen split-ends, breakage and dryness,
it will also supercharge your tint for better luminescence, and allow for
longer lengths and growth!  (Usually
reserved only for licensed colorists, we’ll even tell you how to have your tint
“push” the conditioning even deeper).

So, if you or anyone you know is interested
in saving their length and growing their hair with more luminescence, shine
& strength without nasties or silicones AND doing so on a skinny budget simply click here for all the

Alan & Cheryl
Your Behind-the-Red Carpet Insider Partners

P.S. We’ve put together a special on this
that’s only good for the next three days. You’ll get everything when you click
here but this does end on Sunday night, November 24, 2019.

P.​P.S.  I hope you are NOT still using popular salon products!  If you are, I have failed to take the time in educating you properly about their normal silicone base ingredients, and their long term effects.  Forgive me. If you are the kind of person who depends on looking your best, you want to learn about this.  You’ll never find these in stores, salons or shopping networks, guaranteed!  Find out why, and how to transform your hair at home, practically overnight like the celebrities do!  Hint: These products started the Silicone & Nasties-FREE Era, and has turned the beauty industry upside down with breakthrough extracts that exceed top stylists and their clients worldwide!  Top brands imitate, yet never have achieved the success with hair that these proven patent-pending extracts have!  Learn more now!

Here are some ways to take yourself to the next level, now!

1. Take our 2 Minute Hair Evaluation, and we’ll customize a program for you immediately.  Click here now to tell us about your hair and scalp concerns.  Totally confidential.  Click here now.

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3. AND, how EVERYDAY things starting in the shower, to your workspace, to your “eating healthy” regime, the shiny “new hair brands,” and more are robbing your hair’s vitality, leading to slow & sure hair loss…even if only 1 hair/follicle per day! … Definitely learn these 12 EVERYDAY hidden culprits now!  Remember to share this with your loved ones. Click here now!

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Alan G Eschenburg

Keep coming back to perfect hair with  !

Did you know?
Alan & Cheryl, brother/sister founded, did not grow up in the lap of luxury as it would seem from the glamorous lifestyle you see today. Alan lost his career as an the youngest educational entertainer in the beauty industry in the early 90’s due to side effects of top salon natural brands, as was played out in a LIVE stage presentation as his hands began bleeding in front of thousands of salon professionals. Cheryl’s expertise as a compounding pharmacist-tech was the key to solving the dilemma.  Leaving conventional silicone and nasties to the major brands, Belegenza has done what no other company has ever done–created a new world of formulas beyond organic, natural and high-performance products that deliver results so remarkable, top stylists, celebrities and clients lucky enough to be referred by each other had the privilege of using them…until now!   As the demand for these patent-pending based products have made their way to the Red-Carpet, they’re now making it to Main Street USA via the internet and highly regarded online distributors….ONLY.  Not found in stores or beauty supply houses, those who deserved the finest money can buy can get the premium treatment for their hair delivered right to their door now.

Don’t you deserve to take your hair to the next level?
Won’t it be awesome to have access to the finest reserved for “Ultra” crowd?
If you believe you want this now, click here, now.

As said by so many….”Belegenza is like the first time…every time!””I’m obsessed with Belegenza! I find they work the best when I just use Belegenza so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few months and my hair is growing like crazy & is so healthy! When I went to my hair appointment, I didn’t need a trim and that never happened since I use a curling wand twice a week. I’m so happy! What’s also great is that each product is so amazing! Usually a product line has 1 great product and a few ok products but not Belegenza!  Each Belegenza product is a super star product!  Thanks again!”~~A. L. , Orange County, CA

“Life is easier with awesome hair!”~~Belegenza
Offer may end at any time, and/or be revoked for any reason without notice. Not valid for wholesale orders. If using a coupon code, it will not discount this package.
Ands, ifs or buts??????…. just click on the chat box on the right and let us help you.  It will be faster than correcting things later! Thanks! Alan & Cheryl

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