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I want to be a stylist in Hollywood and work with the stars and the rich and famous!

“Alan and Cheryl, take me with you to work behind the scenes in Hollywood at your next event!”

“If you want to be a professional tennis player, hang out with the winners.  If you want to be a millionaire, hang out with multi-millionaires!”

You want to be the BEST hairstylist, makeup artist?… hang out with Belegenza, now!”–Cheryl Honc, Belegenza


Directors’ Chairs!! Cheryl and Alan on location with Rizzoli & Isles!!!

If this sounds like a wish you’ve had, Cheryl and I have it all waiting for YOU!

Before we show you how we can connect you through our Hollywood connections and training, you may not want this much fame.  You may, however, want to simply be the finest in your home town or community, or simply have a dream that you want us to help you achieve in record speed.  And, those of you who are older than you thought you’d be at this time in your life… we can certainly help you get to your dreams even though you might think it’s too late for you!   So, imagine your dream salon(s), home(s), car(s), vaction(s), and enormous cash flow, and continue reading, now!  

Imagine showing off how good you are at styling to agents, managers, and celebrities.

Imagine your life working on movies, TV shows, live events, and even being paid to travel the world since you’ve now been chosen by a star to be their “Personal!”  ( That’s entertainment lingo for one who is selected BY the celebrity to do their hair exclusively!)   P.S. That can mean major money, traveling the world and superstar treatment for you.

What if you don’t think you’re good enough, yet, or don’t have enough experience?   No worries!  We’ve got private lessons that will catapult you to the top so fast your head will spin!

Next Celebrity Circle in Houston

March 20-24, 2016

2 seats left! 

1 seat left!!


March 26-30, 2016

4 seats left

2 seats left


See and read about our awesome event and the feedback from participants!  Click here, now!

May 6-10, 2016

8 seats left

4 seats left!!


Next Celebrity Circle:

June 17-21, 2016

8 seats left

1 seats left!!


July 23-27, 2016


November 16-21


January 27-30, 2017


March 22-25, 2017


August 27-30, 2018

4 seats left!

Private Coaching and Training : $35,000 by application only

Set an interview appointment now by emailing CustomerSupport@belegenza.com

Learn Alan’s story

Up until now, stylists and makeup artists have had to invent and reinvent themselves, working almost blindly at finding the way to their own hair and makeup stardom.  Yes, there is a union, (Local 706), but it’s limited to about 300 stylists and 500 makeup artists ONLY!  Once someone gets in, they rarely give up their positions.  In other words, it can be tough, unless you have as many “aces” in your control as possible.  We are the ACE you want on your side as you make your way through Hollywood!

As in any profession or project, you have to know what to do.  In hair, knowing your basics is mandatory and the same in makeup.  But when your talent takes you beyond the basics, you are not always guaranteed promotion to the levels you wish.   Basics give you the preparation you need, but it won’t get you in front of the right people, at the right TIME!   You need access!  This is where Belegenza’s Cheryl and I give you access!   If you want access, listen up!  We have gotten ourselves into the Hollywood scene, and we love it!   It’s the most fun we’ve ever had.   As many know, we have even bigger dreams, and to pull those dreams off, we need more people like you working with us at our events, and actually in all facets of our business.   We have a special opportunity to bring people into our Celebrity Circle, and we’d love to have YOU along with us.   Of course, we don’t accept EVERYONE into the Celebrity Circle, but we are determined to work with those of you who show genuine commitment and interest in becoming the very BEST you can be. ( By the way, if you’re NOT a stylist or makeup artist, and have other talents and training, like photography, videography, event management, PR & Marketing, Social Media, or are an Actor/Singer/Dancer, this is for you, too! )

We’ve put together an “on-the-RED-CARPET-training” and  you can take part in it NOW!   You’ve heard of the stars who were “discovered” while waiting tables at a diner (one of our newest Makeup Artists, we discovered at Mel’s…she was our waitress!  More about her rise to fame, here ), or simply showed up to an audition as a dare and are now rich and famous!   While we don’t believe in overnight “discoveries,” we do believe that success happens when opportunity presents itself and YOU WANT TO BE PREPARED by us before the opportunity arises!

You probably can style hair or do makeup better than most, otherwise you probably would not be on this site, especially on this page.   You probably have a dream that you know one day will come true.  You probably could do it by getting to Hollywood on your own, finding a teacher to teach you what you’ll need for being in the Hair and Makeup Union (they usually don’t, because they are too busy!), beating the streets, working day and night. AND, one day, you’ll make it.  You’ll be proud you did, and you may be really old by that time!  All the “greats” we have interviewed tell us it was hard, and they missed out on a lot, because they couldn’t make the right connections.  Until now…. You can have the connections with us, now! 

That’s part of our secret!   We’ve made connections and they  are the connections you NOW want.   We’ve learned things that are not in the text books, or even in some agents little black book of Hollywood Secrets for Stylists and Makeup Artists!   We have something “THEY” don’t want you to know, and we’re your access, NOW!

WE have all heard, “there’s no free lunch,” &  “everyone wants something!”   Well, truth told, we want something from YOU!   We’re not just letting our system, connections, education and secrets out for nothing!  Don’t you think it’s fair to exchange value to each other?  We know we’ve got a valuable situation, so let us tell you what we need from you, and you can decide if you have what it takes. 

WE want talented, motivated, committed stylists and makeup artists to share and show off the beauty of our natural and incredible products.   We have been the choice of Hollywood stylists for years now, because we  provide excellent products that surpass the conventional chemical and popular brands (like Ker@st@sse, G@ldw@ll, L@re@l and W*EN).  Not only does Belegenza cause gorgeous hair, we do it with

food ingredients rather than chemicals!  The celebs love it and the stylists love it, too, because they know they are safe and using natural goodness to show off their hair!  It’s a win-win for everyone, including the planet due to its bio-compatible food ingredients that rinse cleanly back into the environment!

Aren’t you getting excited about this?  Do you want to jump on a plane in the morning and live the glamorous life?   Wouldn’t you go right away, if you knew you had the right access? 

What YOU get is so multi-faceted and useful in so many ways.   You get introduced to the finest natural products on the planet and get recognition immediately by association with the already popular brand among celebrities and the studio stylists and makeup artists!   You get to travel with Cheryl and me to hair and makeup locations with celebs, agents, managers, and the world class stylists and makeup artists that run our fashions from the TV shows and movies that the world emulates! You get to show off your talent, be exposed to what it takes to be famous, make connections with icons and legends.  You will be trained in how to deal with the best of the best and in some cases how to be the best in the worst situations, and come out smelling like a rose! You will have the opportunity to build a world-class portfolio/book, that will expand your career beyond your expectations.

Now is the time for you to take action.  There are limitless possibilities  with Belegenza — in so many ways!    You may choose to be part of the Hollywood scene as a stylist or makeup artist and ride the ride with Belegenza, or you may find that Hollywood can keep it all, and go home.   Either way, you will be richer as a stylist and a human being for having trained with Belegenza!  You can take what you’ve learned and the stories you’ll have to tell and catapult your career at home to be an even better stylist than you’ve ever dreamed.  When you are the “Celebrity” of your own hometown, your life will be more satisfying than ever because you really will have access to what it takes to make your life the way YOU want it to be!  Not only that, you will forever be part of a “Celebrity Circle” of influence, wisdom, and connections!  Imagine watching the Oscars or your favorite TV shows and movies, knowing you trained with Belegenza and worked with the rich and famous superstars that others only know by seeing on TV and film!  To this day, we get super excited when we see our friends starring in TV shows, movies and celebrity circles, and love congratulating them personally on their performances!  Imagine inviting your friends over to watch YOUR clients starring in the latest TV show and movie!

Given these possibilities, and the exciting offer presented, there’s really only one question left.  Aren’t you ready to get started?  Take action now, by clicking the add to cart button, and let’s get your kit and application expedited to you!  As they say, “The show must go on…”    You don’t want it to go on without you, right?  Do it now! 

Want to talk to us before you commit to registering?  Talk directly with Alan and Cheryl by phone, now!   760-518-8823

Because you will be working directly with us, you will need to know how to use our products.  Included in your application fee, you will have a kit of products sent directly to you immediately to begin learning and experiencing Belegenza, and as you use them, you will want to use them more and more–all the time! 

By the way,  this is a VERY exclusive offer.  We watch every action you take in the pursuit of working with us.  By now, you realize our reputation is on the line, and we are very careful in our selection process.  So, from the moment you say yes, we will be watching how you operate.


FINE PRINT:  Upon processing of your request and order, we will email an application for you to complete within 72 hours.  (Be prepared to submit photos of your work, even if they are phone images).   Because of timing and the very swift nature of the industry, you will want to work with us in a timely manner to have all materials submitted back to us within the 72 hour window.    We reserve the right to refuse your application immediately, and will refund your payment in full within 3 business days. We also reserve the right to cancel your attendance and participation at anytime with no refund after the 3 day right of rescission.

Your training begins the moment you make the commitment to invest in yourself.  Once you click add to cart, now, $12,000.00 $8995.00, you will be so energized and vitalized, knowing you made a GREAT investment in yourself that will last a lifetime! 

Just in case you think you need to “think about this” more, you’ve already confronted the very thought that may cost you your lucky break!   Trust that feeling of excitement and nervousness and sign up now!  When we got the opportunity to work the Oscars the first time, we were PETRIFIED, and had no idea how to even get ourselves there, much less, how to pay for it.  WE JUST DID IT, and figured it out as it got thrown at us!  If we had not said yes to the invitation  in that moment, we would have been left behind by the producer, and may never have had another chance to make it happen!  YOU MUST take action NOW.  If you don’t, every time you see the red carpet award shows, celebrities you love, you will remember that you didn’t go for it, and that may break your heart and spirit.  Don’t you want to feel like the superstar and genius that you really are and INVEST in your passion and yourself?  Even if you fall flat in Hollywood, you will have fallen flat chasing your dreams!  OR, you will be living the life with a world-class collection of the finest of the finest in hair and makeup!  Isn’t that what  you want?  Click the add to cart button, now!  You want this badly and we want you to feel awesome like we do—follow your passion with Belegenza!    Scroll up and click add to cart, now!

We’ll see you in Hollywood!

Learn Alan’s story and find out how a 5 year old turned his vision into a reality!

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