Chemo and Hair Regrowth: Reducing Hair Loss Easily


Chemo treatments can cause hair loss and thinning in both men and women.

While there are a number of products on the market that promise to help with hair regrowth, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for you.

Most products may have 1 or 2 good ingredients, but the “vehicle” it is in is a hair growth retardant.

Said another way, the “mixture”(vehicle) slows hair growth, in spite of the 1 or 2 ingredients.

If you were taking a medication that was proven to cure a disease, and it is in a good “vehicle,” then it probably would do its best job at curing your disease.

If you were taking that same medication in a BAD “vehicle,” the toxic effects would add insult and injury to your disease, leaving the curing medication less chance of curing your disease!

So, when it comes to hair products, you want to know if the “vehicle” of the hair growth ingredient is good or bad.

Major manufacturers cannot put their hair growth ingredients in a good vehicle.



The typical products, like Rogaine, Nioxin, etc., have to cut costs on the vehicle, or else it becomes un-affordable in mass market.

If you’ve used things like this, you already know from experience that even though the growth factor may work, but it leaves the hair feeling weird.

Here’s the other thing.

If you are already bombarding your follicles with drugs to kill your cancer tissue ( an obvious necessity ), it makes sense to eliminate as many bad vehicle ingredients as possible if you want to keep your hair!

So, during the use of versions of chemotherapy, like:

• Alkylating agents: These drugs work by damaging the DNA of the cancer cells. This type of chemotherapy can cause hair loss and thinning all over the head, as well as a loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

• Antimetabolites: These drugs interfere with the growth of cancer cells by disrupting their metabolism. They can also cause hair loss and thinning, but it is usually limited to the area around the scalp.

Then there are things like:

• Taxanes: These drugs work by stopping the growth of cancer cells. Unlike the other two types of chemotherapy, taxanes rarely cause hair loss or thinning.

While these and so many other factors are disrupting your nutrition that feeds your follicles’ hair growth, it makes perfect sense to do as much as possible during this stressful and challenging time.

This is where our success story begins for chemotherapy and hair growth!

We didn’t set out to serve this market.

We just wanted to make the safest products in the world!

We did just that and at the same time created the silicone-FREE era that disrupted the WHOLE beauty product world!

Because we have eliminated the bad ingredients in bad “vehicles,” hair growth improved for our customers!

It was the so-called side effect… a GREAT one!

As chemotherapy patients got a hold of Belegenza, we then focused our products for their benefit.

We’ve done decades of research and development that has thrilled chemotherapy patients and anyone who’s interested in longer, stronger, thicker hair for a lifetime!

So, give us a try.

Of course, you don’t know us, yet and it’s natural to feel skeptical.

Give us a try.

Our typical packages last 50-90 days, which is long enough to see results.

There is a critical 68 day window just after your last chemo treatment that we HIGHLY suggest you prepare for. It sets the stage for your hair’s lifetime.

DO NOT TAKE CHANCES during this window.

If nothing else, use Belegenza in this window, and if you feel like downgrading back to conventional products, you can do that AFTER the 68 day period.

WARNING: About the 98th day, people return to Belegenza after just 30 days of downgrading to conventional products, because the difference is obvious.

Prove it to yourself.

Get started now, even if you are about to start chemo or just about to complete your treatments.

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Oh, and with your products, you will receive Alan  & Cheryl’s personal cell/text for private consulting!

What other company does this?

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