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Solutions you wish you could find at stores and the beauty supply.

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Thinning Hair (Men, women & even children with LAS/SAS) 
An “extraordinary” 4 product package that naturally deals with thinning hair like no other products in the world. Not just one hair growth factor like other brands, but over 17 tried & true growth factors.
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Hair Growth Starter Set (For all textures, including fine hair)
For doubters, and I’ve-tried-it-all-folks, who want a cost-effective way to stronger, longer, and faster growth – with detangling and light conditioning.
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Curly Hair
The most mis-treated texture in every culture. Satisfies by dealing with inner core structure & porosity. Graduate now from “crunchy” curls to elegance & softness.
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Grey/Gray Hair
To vitalize grey hair, you want to understand its KEY (and misunderstood) characteristics so as to show off its natural grey/gray beauty!  Should you want to cover it, grey hair that is tinted often gives itself away, due to off-tones, generally dry-looking and looks matte.
Improper inner core conditions make these tinted colors look flat, unnatural, and give away that it’s not really natural pigments!
Want to show off your REAL grey?
Be the one who gets the compliment “Your grey hair is so awesome, I wish mine looked like yours!”
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Luxurious Hair (All textures) 
For already great hair. BUT you may not deserve hair that is this luxurious.
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Oily Hair Balancing Package (Including fine hair)
Most oily hair gets that way because of cosmetic build ups. Over production of sebum is your body’s reaction to the wrong ingredients for your scalp & hair. Get balanced sebaceous activity naturally and show your hair off with confidence….all day, every day.
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Keratin Straightened Hair
Take your Keratin to the next level by prolonging its effects, naturally. The formaldehyde ‘cover-up’ is a chemistry/marketing cover-up.  If you still can’t do without it,  you can now prolong and extend your results with these natural winners!
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Frizzy Hair
Curly hair absorbs moisture– causing frizz & unpredictability. By using natural core filling conditioning agents from the sea, your curl patterns will now leave you confidently secure in any environment.
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Restore Dry & Brittle Hair
Been burned with an iron, relaxer, color, bleach, sun exposure, or do you simply have dry hair? Clearly, we have the solution you want badly.
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Post Chemotherapy (Including pre-Chemo & during Chemo/Radiation and more)
Just got diagnosed?
Already getting treatments?
Finished or just about to?
We’ve done the work for you at all phases. After the trauma you & your hair have endured, it’s time to have personal guidance with products that are whispered to each other by nurses and other patients! So gentle & advanced we are prohibited by law to tell the truth! There is no better package anywhere that nurtures, nourishes and empowers your scalp now, as you grow your new hair….and your new future! (The 68 day window after the last chemo treatment is crucial for long-term hair growth. Don’t miss it).
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Menopause Hair Balance & Growth (Does NOT contain any hormones or disruptors) 
If you think hormones affect moods, you’ve probably discovered that hormonal changes can affect hair growth, too! 
By combining food-grade ingredients (more than 17 tried & true hair growth factors) from around the world that focus on hair growth and balance, even your mood will change when you see your new hair looking fantastic!
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Men’s Hair Power Package
Men… whether you want thicker hair or just want to keep what you have as long as possible, it’s time to step up to this package. See the “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth : Hair Thinning Reversed,” and access to Alan & Cheryl, you get real answers and results. 
Clean, easy-to-use, smells fresh, not perfume-y. Like the others, you’ll keep coming back to Belegenza’s Men’s Hair Power Package.
You feel more powerful by knowing your hair looks and stays “ready for action.”
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