We are proud to say we’ve got an amazing track record with interns. Most have landed $100,000 per year or more positions immediately after completion with us as an intern! We love it! They all have moved on to their choice of career, such as jewelry designers, medical equipment sales, and even authors/consultants/relationship experts! We still keep in touch, and they even have jumped back in on special projects to help us out! It’s awesome to us to know we assisted them into being experts in their fields, and heartwarming to know that they continue to love us enough to give back to us with their time, talent and connections.

Each internship has been customized for their growth and development. If you want to consult with us, and find a way to fit your needs into our style of internship, click now on the QUESTIONS tab on the right, and send us an “inquiry” email! We promise you will be glad that you interviewed with us!