Fine Hair comes with its own issues.

The bottom line is that you want more hair, or at least that your fine hair is as full and responsive as possible, and we can deliver!
Fine Hair
When it comes to hair textures, we are experts.  We study what are the common denominators and characteristics of hair whether it’s fine or coarse or somewhere in between!   We call it the study of the hair’s “architecture.”

Hair is built of proteins by your hair follicles using your genetic blueprint and the raw material building blocks you’ve eaten.  The more you nourish and take care of those follicles, the better the chances are that you’ll have great hair!

Fine hair has a very little surface area. Other products weigh just a bit too much for its structure to support it.

Belegenza discovered a seaweed protein.  Actually, several, that have been successfully used as moisturizing agents.

What we found is that the springy nature of these proteins works together with fine hair proteins to create a bouncy and stronger effect on your hair! When your hair stays flexible, it has a much better chance of gaining length and looking healthy and responsive!

These extracts are in many of our products, and most beautifully demonstrated when you see the PerForm Control Styling Gel. Once you see the bouncy Jell-O like texture of it when you put some in your hand, you will be sure that it is doing its best to keep that buoyant feeling on your hair for super body and movement!

Before you get too excited and bounce to the PerForm Gel page to buy, let us tell you about the ONLY conditioner for FINE hair that adds volume! 

It’s called DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner.   It’s based on these proteins as well, but it also has shine elements and strengtheners that work in the hair to maximize its moisture levels with virtually no weight!   This, too, adds to your chances of longer lengths, beautiful healthy ends and deep shine that fine hair often misses!

Chemical volumizers squeeze moisture to cause stiffness in your hair. Belegenza wraps your hair in moisturizers and shine elements from the sea and food ingredients keeping it flexible, healthier, longer and shiny.

But just in case you are not ready to buy now, we’ll share our backstage secret discovered shortly after developing the best hair repair treatment since the 80’s when animal proteins were used to restore hair to almost perfection!  It’s called VirgINity Hair Repair (NO animal proteins!!)

If you use this according to the bottle, your hair will be super fine and silky, so don’t follow the directions for fine hair.
Put PerForm Gel on the hair first.
Then add VirgINity Hair Repair, ON TOP of the PerForm Gel.
This supercharges the proteins and amplifies the body! It makes hair feel bouncy.

You can buy these products a la carte, and if you want to get the best results quickly, you can click here now for our special package that includes free shipping, too!

Or select any of the following recommended products:

1 Shampoos

GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener

2 Conditioner

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner

3 Leave-in Conditioner

VirgINity Hair Repair Treatment, GrowOut Scalp Nutrient Spray

4 Styling Aids

PerForm Control Styling Gel,  Spotlite Shine Serum  or  Belegenza Volumizing Package

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