Ethnic Hair

Everyone has “ethnic hair”, as we all belong to one group or another.

Recently,  ETHNIC HAIR means anyone who has a hair type that is not just fine or course. Human hair has 3 main commonalities regardless of ethnicity, which is why BELEGENZA works on all types because we understand and deal with the 3 common elements…cuticle, medulla and cortex of each strand! “Ethnic hair”  refers to hair that can be: Problems associated with the above are the dry scalp, slow hair growth, and edges (hairline areas) that easily thin or break, damage from chemicals (relaxer, lye, or tint) and heat. Belegenza offers a series of healthy hair products. (And yes, these will also keep your kids from crying when detangling. It may even save them from needing therapy later on!) “I had to keep my hair up in braids for a while to give it a rest and ensure better hair growth.  When I took the braids down, before I was to speak before the Natural Hair Symposium, it was so dry.  I remembered how the Belegenza had made my hair feel so good all the time before, so I used the GrowOUT Shampoo and then left the Romance Deep Conditioner on for only 5 minutes. I rinsed it and was amazed at how good it felt!  I didn’t even have to use the flatiron afterward. My hair had shine, smoothness and was full of body, that bounced beautifully.  Needless to say, I got tons of compliments!  Thanks, Belegenza!” ~~Nicole

Win Free Products by Subscribing to NewsletterRecommended Shampoos

GrowOut Shampoo or Transfix Color Lock Shampoo

Recommended Conditioner

RoMANce Deep Conditioning   or DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner (for fine hair)

Recommended Leave-in Conditioners

Encore Leave-in Conditioner  or  VirglNity Hair Repair Treatment

Recommended Styling Aids

GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray, PerForm Control Styling Gel, Spotlite Shine Serum, Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, or Taffy Style Cream For more information on the benefits of Belegenza on relaxed hair, transitioning to natural hair, and faster hair growth, visit Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker!

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