WHY even LOSE the weight?  I always gained it back ANYWAY!

I was so tired of dieting, working out, cutting calories,  suffering at each meal with either sacrificing or worse yet, feeling guilty for eating “that forbidden” food.

After all the YEARS of yo-yo-ing through life, I didn’t want to TRY anything else.  Yet, it seemed that every day there was a NEW thing I hadn’t tried.  So, even though I would swear I wouldn’t try…or even be bothered about my weight, it never failed.  I wanted to lose the weight and I’d end up shelling out money on gimmicks, diets, spanks, ………


NOW, I’ve finally stopped TRYING THINGS, because I found this almost INSANELY effective trick coffee!    When I read the reviews, I figured they were all made up by the company–they were all so good.  Now, at the risk of sounding like “those” people, I have to admit… it’s the most effective and easiest thing I’ve ever tried … and now stick with.  AND, just like my friend said, “DON’T change a thing you are doing. Just add a cup of this magic coffee or cocoa and you’ll see!”

“I lost 30 lbs after hitting a plateau and all I did is add just one cup of this magic coffee in the morning. Get started and you’ll see it works.” ~~M.S., Carlsbad, California

Oh, yeah, right, I’ve heard this before!

So, almost to show him he had to be wrong and he had no clue how hard it is for women to lose weight, I decided to try it for a month.  I didn’t really do what he said.  I actually had been keeping my weight pretty stable and was cutting back already.  HE WAS SO CERTAIN it would work for me, I kinda wanted to zing him with showing him it would NOT work for me, so I decided…I’ll just have the coffee/cocoa and then I’ll just eat like I used to rather than cut back AT ALL.

“I’ve tried it all in my many decades. I’ve already lost 9 lbs. in 3 weeks, and I’m 4 lbs. below what is my “usual” goal. I’m so excited that I’ve got to order more, now!”~~Diane H., Daly City, California

And, dang if he wasn’t right!  I started losing in the first week–4 pounds!!!

Of course, some of that was just water weight and leftover …. well, you know…  digested food that hadn’t made it out the ‘back door,’ yet.

But, then I went on that month to lose a total of 8 lbs. !!!

He was right and I was WRONG….yet, I was RIGHT!  I mean, come on.. I expected to show him he was wrong about how easy it would be, and I was delightfully SURPRISED with shedding 8 lbs even when I was trying to sabotage the results! I know it was kinda silly, but I’m sure glad I PROVED it to myself!

“I’m a mom and have been trying everything. I’ve lost 16 lbs  and 25.75 inches in 2 months! Loving this coffee!”~~Stephanie S., Evansville, Indiana

IT’s not for everyone though.

Some people LOVE to complain, and they are PROUD to say nothing works, so they can be the BEST at getting no results.  So, if you’re one of those, be sure NOT to try this because you will be a double loser! LOL!  You will lose weight AND you will lose being the “BEST AT NO RESULTS” title!

If you are skeptical, totally acceptable.  You’ve lost money before and you’ll lose money again, if you are on planet Earth.  So, BE skeptical each day as you heat that water every morning to make your coffee, drink it, and then forget about it til the very next morning.  Be skeptical each time you weigh and write down how many pounds you’ve lost.

OR if you just want to go ahead, and trust me on this, here are some quick options:

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“I added the coffee 10 weeks ago, and have dropped 14 lbs! I think it’s working, LOL! “~~Lisa, K., Richmond, Texas

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Your new and easy weight management friend,