Complete Moisturizing Hair Repair Kit

8 fl oz, 6 fl oz, 3.3 fl oz


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"Thanks to illustrious shampoo and cleanser, my new color did not fade and my hair felt clean and healthy!"
Belegenza Customer
4.9 of 5 (465 reviews)

Complete Moisturizing Hair Repair Kit

Have you lost the moisture in your hair?

Repair your hair and scalp to the luscious locks that you used to have!

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Complete Moisturizing Hair Repair Kit

8 fl oz, 6 fl oz, 3.3 fl oz


$98 + Free Shipping!


Our best combination to visibly rejuvenate your hair. Fixes split ends, makes your hair smooth, and gives it life in just a few days.

Perfect product to help you fight the harsh chemicals found in other hair products. The carefully crafted formulation features an exclusive combination of all natural ingredients.
Vitamin Concentrate

Promotes healthy hair and growth with concentrated vitamins, anti-oxidants, and anti-aging secrets

Aloe Extract

Luxurious low lathering cleanser that reaches deeply yet gently to set the stage for unbelievable hairstyle performance

Sulfate & Salt Free

Remove silicone and buildup of conventional products that mask, clog and smother follicles and scalp.

Phthalate Free Fragrance
Rosemary Leaf Extract
Silk Amino Extracts
Please refer to the ingredients list on the product packaging for the most accurate list of ingredients.
How to use
Step 1

Apply to wet hair, add more water.

Step 2

Massage into low lather.

Step 3

Rinse well. Repeat. (First time users, shampoo 2-3 times to remove buildup)

Customer Reviews
4.9 of 5 (465 reviews)
97% reviewers recommend this product
My hair looks and feels different.

My hair is doing magical things, I can now get out of the shower and let my hair naturally dry- and it dries perfectly curly, my natural hair, but with other shampoos my hair would get frizzy.

Michelle P.
kept my hair & skin in balance

Since I’ve started using Illustrious years ago it has kept my hair & skin in balance and as balanced as balance can be during the experience of the ovarian cancer and chemo treatments

J.E., Kensignton, CT
I use it everyday & I love it!

Thanks to Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser made from NATURAL FRUIT and VEGETABLE EXTRACTS, my NEW color did NOT FADE and my hair felt clean and healthy!

actually did what it promised

The Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser actually did what it promised unlike most shampoos. I color my hair red and for those who don’t know, red fades and washes out quickly. I used this shampoo and wow did that red shine come back.

my hair looks and feels great

Can I just say WOW!!! I am in love! The conditioner smells and feels great, and doesn’t leave you with that slippery feeling that other brands usually do (when you are washing it out).

removes the build up on my hair

What I liked about this Shampoo and Cleanser, Number #1 is first they use all natural healthy ingredients and it seems to brighten my own hair color and I love that!! I also like that it removes the build up on my hair, making a cleaner and healthier shine to my hair. And I love that my hair smells clean and fresh. I highly recommend it.

Finally I found it

I usually shy away from conditioners because my hair is fine. I have a lot, but it’s flat. I get highlights and that has always helped give some volume to it. I finally decided to try this, and I’m amazed at how it makes my highlights look better and it doesn't weigh my hair down AT ALL! In fact, it seems to be fuller, and just looks more like my hair did when I was a teenager.

Gracie C.
unbelievable shine, strength, moisture balance

With oily hair I normally can't put a conditioner all the way to my roots but I thought I would just try with this one and to my surprise no oil when I dried my hair. My frizz was considerably less and no knots in my other wise knot filled hair. It really did make my hair feel softer and I looked at the tips after a couple of uses less breaks and even less split ends.

Jaye N.
The most innovative rejuvenating formula

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