Hollywood Show 2017 Celebrity Cast–Belegenza Natural Hair Care!

Here’s a preview of the celebrities at our Hollywood Show 2017 …. Stay tuned for the pics and videos of our appreciative and fantastic celebs! Hollywood Show – Jan 6th – 8th 2017 Attendee’s List The Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel 5400 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA Roy Thinnes Sean Kenney Noah […]

To Clarify or not to Clarify!

“Good Morning! Question for you. Since I use Simply Smooth occasionally between relaxers, is it good to use the clarifying Ilustrious shampoo, during the times I am not using Simply Smooth? Or should I alternate between clarifying or Sulfate shampoos?” If I understand your question, you are wondering if switching to another brand of sulfate-free […]

Tangles with Belegenza A GOOD THING?!

The bad news about transitioning from silicone conventional products to all natural Belegenza is like when you go from junk food to all natural whole foods. At first you miss the doughnuts, bagels, and such, and then the POWER of the wholesome foods kicks in, and you are so energized that you can hardly wait […]

How Does Belegenza Compare to Wen?

How Does Belegenza Compare to Wen?   We are happy to answer this question! We can hardly fathom how many millions of dollars Wen has  spent in marketing and advertising on TV.  So, that is why we are relatively unknown.  Those who DO know us, though, tell us about the amazing results they get from […]

Inconsistent CURLS: Love Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker

“I have inconsistently curly hair; it’s straighter towards the front and curlier underneath and in the back. I did a Brazilian Blowout treatment 5 years ago and immediately began losing hair and still am. I’ve used the Grow Out shampoo and Romance conditioner and although it didn’t completely fix the fall out problem, it is […]

Haircolor cover-up! SOME Ugly Truth about Reddish tones on Men’s Hair

How To Stop Reddish faded tones in dark hair on men’s hair  especially. Women: the method applies to keeping your color richer and not fading as well. I will not come out directly and say what my opinion of how dangerous haircoloring really is. There are colorists who are doing the right thing and blowing […]

Rich Review for Deeply Nourished Hair Naturally

Our bottles, our website, our videos can only say so much.  What do experts have to say about Belegenza?  Here’s a rich review by Lindsay Lioz if Hotsytotsybeauty! http://hotsytotsybeauty.com/tag/belegenza/

Pregnancy & Hair color SAFETY

“Many of you already know that taking prenatal vitamins, eating clean and limiting exposure to toxic chemicals is very important for a healthy pregnancy. A question that I am asked though is what constitutes a toxic chemical and is it safe to color my hair? Because let’s get real, who wants to mess up that beautiful […]

Using Caulk on your Hair? One of the Top 6 reasons your hair is thinning!

Okay…  It’s time I talk some sense with you. Have you ever looked back at pictures of yourself, and were horrified at how you looked?   Didn’t you ask yourself, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Well, I’m going to tell you a few things about your thinning hair that no one else wants to say. […]