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Rejuvenate Your Skin

Restores youthful levels of elements in the skin with biologically active food-grade ingredients. Specially grown Aloe Vera, at Belegenza, delivers nutrition with extremely effective bio-agents that feed the skin elements that are abundant in youthful skin.   Skin responds as it did during the times when Human Growth Hormone levels were at their peak. With these best skin healing agents, your pores refine, lines diminish, and you will experience a supple regenerated effect that is noticeable and long-lasting.

Different in many ways from conventional formulas made in mass quantity by  leading skin care companies found in spas, department stores and dermatological offices.  The biological activity is retained and preserved by system that we at Belegenza have developed in extracting plants natural preservative process. Our “Enzymatic influence” retains maximum potency of this pure formulation and is transdermally effective by not only what it has in it, and just as importantly, what is not in it like conventional high end skin care items.  This may be the simplest and most effective skin care regime you’ve ever used. For best results, use after cleansing, before any other moisturizing or specialty creams to maximize bio-availability, thus super-charging your current skin care routine!


Here’s an unsolicited account of Sally Lyndley, fashion stylist and editor, with her morning routine, using Simply Young Skin Tightening Spray.

Paraben-free / Mineral Oil-free / Silicone and “-cone”-free / Petrolatum-free

2 oz. concentrate
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Fresh Aloe Vera Gel Including Serum(Natural Aloe Oil), Water Distillate, Seaweed Extracts,    Vitamin A , Vitamin D (Activated Ergo Sterol Antirachitic Vitamin), Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol), Glycerin ( Vegetable), Emollient Complex LZ (Lutein & Zeaxanthin),  Acmella Plant Extract, (Alkylamide Complex), Amino Acid Lipid Complex, Enriched Anti-Microbial Apple Complex, Phthalate-Free Plant Fragrance 

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  1. Wendy J

    I was surprised at how much I liked this product after my first use. I was skeptical about a face spray, but once I have used Simply YOUng, I can’t imagine going back!

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