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• Incredible for luxurious and touchable hair!
• Luscious body, shine, and manageability
• Locks out humidity for perfect styling confidence
• Soft-to-the-touch style memory
• Superior on all hair types, especially fine hair
• Touch, move and inspire your hair to be its best

Control  Your Hair the Natural Way – Without  Harsh Chemicals, Abrasive Plastics or Stuffy Waxes!

Major beauty and cosmetic corporations have a dirty little secret: they use a lot of “stuff” to try and help you control your hair. Things like plastics, silicone (same stuff as caulk for bathrooms), petroleum and even wax.  Sure, you get greater control – but at what cost to your hair’s health?

The fact is, these chemical-laden ingredients zap the life out of your scalp, making hair look limp, lifeless and weak. And, what if you found out that the gels accumulate around the follicles, sealing and constricting your growth? (Don’t you think that may be speeding up the thinning process?)  Which in turn encourages you, in desperation, to buy more super stiff styling gel!

It’s a never ending cycle, and it stops today –  get your new start with Belegenza PerForm Styling Gel, now! 

What’s In the Bottle is Just as Important as What Isn’t.

Gluten-FREE and all nasties-free…. beyond Natural/Organic!

Rockstar ingredients like Hawaiian, Gulf and Red Mapleweed Seaweed extracts, discovered in pristine ocean waters provide a unique springy protein complex that helps keep hair in place even when heat and humidity are at their worst.

By using a unique pure castor bean oil extract, your hair gets a remarkable infusion of an emollient  that boosts shine and helps repair the damage, and increases strength beyond what is now available from mass and salon brand products.

Vitamins B6, B12 and E nurture the scalp and work to strengthen each strand of hair while keeping hair looking “gotta-run-your-fingers-through-it” fantastic.

Gain superior curl control with NO CRUNCH, leaving your curls gorgeous and touchable! Hey Guys, this power-packed gel never clogs your follicles (most gels have ingredients that can cause thinning hair).  When your reputation depends on great hair, PerForm gel is the your best choice for hair perfection.

An ideal  and versatile styling gel that’s great for those concerned with great hair and optimum health! It’s even safe enough for children.    Get the look you want without sacrificing your hair’s natural beauty!


Dry Naturally?




Customize the perfect way to gain best results!

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Use PerForm Natural Hair Styling Gel for Best Results:


For Curly Hair: Use PerForm generously on wet hair. Sculpt. When hair is half dry, scrunch to develop soft, well-defined curls.

Superior curl control with NO CRUNCH, leaving your hair gorgeous and touchable! 

For Curl-Resistant Hair:  Combine with SpotLite Shine Serum for best results. Apply generously to wet hair*, then sculpt and let dry naturally.

For Highly-Texturized Curly Hair: Try PerForm together* with EnCore Leave-In Hair Conditioner, Taffy Styling Cream or Spotlite Shine Serum to find the blend that’s perfect for your hair.  Then style naturally and/or set. Excellent for blowdrying, flatironing or curling, too.

 For Fine or Thinning Hair:  Use a pea-sized amount. Rub palms together vigorously to allow the mixture to properly emulsify*. Sculpt and let dry or blowdry and style according to your preferences.  For added volume and bounce, use VirgINity Hair Repair before you dry!

 For Men: Use PerForm on its own for a strong, yet natural touch. Combine it* with Spotlite Shine for added luster or with Taffy Cream for a spikier, wet-looking hold.

**PerForm is a plastic-free (acrylate and GLUTEN free) gel that never clogs your follicles (most gels have ingredients that can cause thinning hair).  If your reputation depends on great hair, you must have this gel now. **

Getting your style the way you want it doesn’t mean having to sacrifice beautiful hair for better control.  PerForm from Belegenza gives you the best of both worlds – naturally!

6 oz. Concentrate

For those who think that gels must be hard, let’s break down what it is that makes them hard!   It’s plastic, or what they call acrylates.  Acrylates are plastics that are in their liquid state. When this on your scalp, and it’s no wonder your hairs are shrinking and dying.  It’s quite a catch-22.  You have thin hair, so you add more fancy gel.  More fancy gel adds more acrylate that smothers the follicles.  Your hair is getting thinner, so you add more gel!   Haven’t you had enough?

With PerForm Control Styling Gel, the only thing that will be on your scalp is a blend of food grade proteins, vitamins and nut oils.  Because the seaweeds have a flexible strength to them, they wrap themselves around the strands to give you a touchable control that you and your admirers will love!

Let’s say that you are stuck on stiff hard hair.  Do yourself a favor.   Use a small amount of PerForm Control Gel on your hair and scalp first.  Think of it like a primer!  Use PerForm on your scalp first! It will be there to nourish at the first point of contact, keeping the acrylates (liquid plastics) away from your scalp. Now, you can use your favorite stiff hard stuff, and use half as much as you normally would.  By now you should really  be concerned about your follicles!  And, if you are serious about being your best, you must check out the GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener and the GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray, now!  By now, you realize that we are serious about healthy hair and scalps, right? We’ve got answers you are looking for, AND, you deserve to keep your hair as long as possible.  Let us help you look your best now and from now on! 

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… or keep reading if you want more.

More information, more fullness, more control now!

Like many great discoveries, things happen sometimes by accident.  Belegenza products are very concentrated, and a little goes a long way.  AND, there is a numbering system in our products that is very important, or at least we thought.   For example, PerForm Control Styling Gel is a number 4…the 4th step in usage.  (Shampoo, 1st, Conditioning 2nd, Treatment 3rd, Styling 4th).  Virginity Hair Repair is a 3, which means if you are going to use Virginity Hair Repair, do it BEFORE number 4.  Except when you are in a hurry and not paying attention or something.   A customer told on herself that she had NOT followed the instructions and discovered her hair to be “bouncy, shiny, heavy/not heavy, makes-me-swing-and-flick-my-hair-like-Cher-happy!”  This is startling to us, because she has fine blonde neck length hair.   What did she do?   She applied the PerForm Control Styling Gel to her hair, and remembered that she had forgotten that it was the day to use Virginity Hair Repair.   Rather than rinsing out the PerForm and applying Viriginity as the third step, she figured it was not that big a deal and sprayed Virginity ON TOP of the PerForm Control Styling Gel.   It actually is a big deal!    Her hair is fuller and bouncier and has her “swinging-and-flicking-her-hair-like-Cher-happy!” You want to do this technique if you want fuller hair!

We tried this on many people to find it true for them as well.   If this is what you want, you can have it, too!    Apply PerForm then spray lightly with Virginity Hair Repair!  Style, and TRY not to   swing-and-flick-your-hair-like-Cher-happy!  (Guys… be careful with this one!)

By the way, you will notice that this gel is unique in the way it works, and upon putting it in your hands, you will definitely know PerForm is unique!   Rather than being a smooth pudding-like consistency, it is bouncy and Jello-like!  It’s the springy proteins from the seaweeds that give you the bounce in your hands and the bounce of naturally healthy hair.

By now, you see that this is an amazing gel.  You will see your hair looking fantastic, and you will enjoy the complimentsYou can also use it on dry hair to move your hair around with a soft finish.  Most of all, you will rest assured that you are not only looking your best, but  you are doing the best for your scalp and yourself.

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Scientific Names of Natural Ingredients:

Purified Water, Polysorbate-20 (non-ionic emulsifier), Hydrolyzed Gluten-FREE Protein, Hypnea Musciformis (Hawaiian Seaweed) Extract, Gelidiela Acerosa (Gulfweed Seaweed) Extract, Sargassum Filipendula (Red Mapleweed) Extract, Sorbitol (berry extract), Polyquaternium-10, Glycerin, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Extract, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Oleanolic Acid (Olive extract), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Pyridoxine HCL-5-Phosphate (Vitamin B6), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Patent-pending Ingredient (coconut based) , Benzophenone 4, PEG-40 Lanolin, Carbomer, DMDM Hydantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Phthalate-free fragrance, Blue 1 (FDA Approved food coloring), Red 33 (FDA Approved food coloring).


Fine Hair before after*PerForm Gel is versatile with all types of hair, and the gel itself, has a unique jelly-like consistency.  Its main ingredient is a “springy molecule helix,” thanks to seaweed and technology,  providing body at the core, yet leaving it soft to the touch, no matter how much PerForm has been applied.  It may remind you of Jello, as it wiggles and jiggles in the palm of your hand.  Simply trap it between your palms and emulsify it, then spread it onto your hands.  Then blend into your hair as described above for your perfect hair days!  This bouncy gel gives your hair the soft springiness and control versus CRUNCH from chemical gels!

(IF you are hooked on hard hold gels, use PerForm first as a layer of protection before you apply your “synthetic” hard hold gel or spray. PerForm works well with others!)

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21 reviews for PerForm Control Styling Gel

  1. Denice (verified owner)

    I started using Belegenza on my daughter’s hair last year due to slow growth and fragileness and these products have transformed my daughter’s hair. I started using the products Alan recommended for fine hair, Illustrious, Dramatic, Perform and I also have noticed such a difference in my hair. People compliment our hair all the time and ask what we use. Belegenza is a wonderful line with exceptional customer service for an added bonus, and of course cruelty free. You can’t go wrong with these products!!

  2. Janet G (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the grow out shampoo, Romance Deep conditioner, virginity and and perform styling gel. I’ve been using your products for about a year now and my hair feels as thick as it did years ago!


  3. Deborah (verified owner)

    I have only had the products (Perform) for about a week. I use them every time I shampoo. I have had wonderful results. My hair feels healthy, has shiny and is super easy to style. I highly recommend these products!

  4. Constance (verified owner)

    I have a lot of gray sparklers in my auburn hair and the Belegenza products (PerForm) have done wonders in just one week. My hair is soft, bouncy and shiny. I’m letting my hair grow out a little and I’m hoping it will help keep my hair thick and less frizzy. Time will tell. Thank you for wonderful products.

  5. Gina (verified owner)

    I have always had thin, blah hair. When I began my journey to keep my hair naturally gray (or platinum),I wanted to search for products that would strengthen and give my hair body and luster. 
    Found Belegenza products via internet. 
    Have been using Belegenza Grow Out Shampoo, draMatic Conditioner, perForm Styling Gel, Grow Out Energizing Spray and SpotLite Shine Serum EXCLUSIVELY for over a year now. 
    I even bring it to the hair salon. I LOVE that Belegenza products are helping my hair be stronger and look good. I LOVE that Belegenza products are vitamins for my hair. Thanks for a terrific product.

  6. Penny N (verified owner)

    I heard about Belegenza through The Blue Thong Society a few years ago but never tried it until the cruise this year. Big mistake. I am so glad that I finally came out of my security box with what I was using. Thank you!

  7. Lisa P., Bloomington, MN

    I think I have been using your products for more than 10 years now – and they have been the most constant hair product I have used during that time. I color my hair and highlight it (to cover up the premature gray!) and find that your shampoo and conditioner really keeps my hair in great condition – especially after coloring and highlighting. Also the styling gel is THE BEST I have ever used… my hair is soft, feels clean (not weighted down with product) and easy to style… Thank you so much for having great product and being easily available.

    Much love,


  8. Mary M., Houston, TX

    I’ve been using this gel for years, and all of a sudden, I started running out sooner than usual. What I realized is that my husband, whose hair was thinning, started looking thicker and rarely did he have that stiff look that I really don’t like, anyway. He fessed up the other day that he has been switching back and forth to other gels for months, but settled in on the Perform exclusively! LOL. I’m doubling my order now!

  9. Melissa G.

    My hair is curly…. and I hadn’t shampooed for 3 days, now, and I had slept last night with it in a messy bun. I used PERFORM gel on my dry hair this morning thinking I’d have to slick it back into a bun or ponytail but when I put my hair back down to hunt for the right rubber band, MAGIC happened, and it looks fabulous! Tadaaaah! Love my hair…love my Belegenza!

  10. M. Mandola

    I can’t live without this gel. It gives my Italian hair body, and keeps the humidity out! And, I love the smell.

  11. Jillian Armenante, Actress, Fresh Off the Boat, Kittens in a Cage

    I can’t live without it! Really, I can’t tell you how awesome your stuff is. I have tried it all over the years. The list goes on and on. Nothing touches this stuff. OMG, thanks so much.
    “The Holy Grail of hair products” and I am passing your contact info to our key MUA!
    And thanks again,

  12. L.K., Hawaii

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using other products for many years and I recently I tried the gel and taffy instead. I absolutely love the way my hair looks, the curls are shiny and there’s a lot of body even when I use a good amount of your product. They also stay in tact for second and even third day after styling with a bit of water and product. I am just delighted with your stuff!

  13. R. S., Clovis, CA

    I’ve been a Barber Stylist for 36yrs love the gel couldn’t purchase in my area or in maybe a 32oz size.
    Thanks much!!!

  14. Leslie Foley, Designer / Stylist (verified owner)

    I love this product. It has a nice hold w/o all the chemicals and crunch that you receive from other products. My hair has definitely improved since using this brand. My favorite is the Taffy which is a stronger hold, nice scent, and little goes a long way. My hair feels wonderful after using it. And, lastly I will not go without the spotlight serum!

  15. Patrick Gallagher, Actor

    Hey, the gel is great! I like how it leaves my hair soft, but stays looking good all day which I like especially on the set. It looks thicker, too. I started with the Growout shampoo, that stuff is great. I like how they all work.

  16. Melissa G.

    I just put the gel in and went to lunch. The girls asked me if I had gotten hilights! The shine is incredible.

  17. Shauna C.

    I am so impressed with your gel. Given my fine hair that I color regularly, I was afraid that it would weigh it down…..but WOW! It is amazing. I couldn’t do without it! It’s amazing and I thank you…

  18. Linda U.

    This is the thickest my hair has ever felt in my whole life! That stuff (Perform) is fabulous. and manageable I can do things with it that I wasn’t able to do > It has body like I’ve never imagined. It’s like having a new head of hair! there is no need to use hairspray anymore and it lasts!!! The products make my hair feel wonderful..I can even go in the wind and know that my hair will just fall back into place, and the fragrances blend together so well!


  19. L.C., New York

    I always use Perform on my fine hair and love it. One morning, though, I put my products backwards. I had put the PerForm Gel in, and remembered it was time to use Virginity, so I sprayed it on top of the gel rather than before the gel. WOW! My rather fine highlighted blonde hair felt amazing. I don’t know how to say it any better, but it feels like bouncy, thick-heavy-like-gorgeous-hair, that moves and shines like I always wished it would! Oh, and I don’t use hairspray anymore because it just looks great and I love to run my hands through it.

  20. MIchelle A

    One of my favorite products! Amazing!

  21. Bobby B

    I use PerForm in the place of conventional styling gel- it adds the perfect amount of hold, without making my hair look like cement.

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