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Curly hair tends to absorb humidity because the cuticle layer doesn’t lay as flat as on straight hair. Because of these openings, moisture gets into the core and activates the cysteine structures of the hair and PUFF…frizz!

Sisters with 3 distinctly unique curl patterns have shared with each other their “Belegenza Recipes” to discover their individual curl expression!

The solution is 3 fold:

(1)  Give your hair its curl strength & structure
(2) Fill the inner gaps to prevent humidity from getting in
(3) Seal the moisture within your hair

By using the following 4 products the first few weeks, you will notice more than a texture improvement. Your hair will have a deep shine and will get compliments every day as your textures become more manageable.

1    IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser
Synthetic & chemically free, this SLS-free shampoo gently removes buildup left behind by conventional products & primes the unruly hairs for ongoing control, softening, and moisture balance.

2   RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
By filling the inner core with these intense moisturizers & emollients your hair is restored and is prepared against humidity. So extraordinary, the first use convinces curly heads immediately, delivering perfect balance of inner moisture, shine and resilience, that you will love.

3    Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker
Multi textures are welcome.   Simply Smooth’s Vitamin C complex softens the cysteine (inner curl) structures. By using regularly*, the resistance of curl patterns (and frizz patterns) is diminished without chemicals. Curls stay resilient and controlled. By locking out humidity even further, your curls stay soft, touchable, & in place even during humid and rainy days!

*By using it more heavily and/or more often on the stubborn curls or frizz, you can strategically manage your hair textures to more closely to match. You will love your perfect results each time! 

4   VirgINity Hair Repair:
When blowing your hair out, this intense treatment will now make your hair feel stronger and provide deeper protection against heat! Use this only once every 7 shampoos, although you will use it more frequently once you discover your perfect “recipe.”  When wearing curls, spray lightly over hair and let dry naturally. Also, find your perfect amount as a curl rejuvenator** on non-shampoo days by spraying lightly and scrunching curls back into shape!

For blowout days that require super humidity protection, VirgINity Hair Repair super-charges the Simply Smooth by sealing the smoothing effects into your hair.  Simply spray lightly over wet hair just after application of Simply Smooth, blow and style.

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**For non-shampoo days, use EnCore Leave-In Conditioner to reduce fly-aways,  rejuvenate response and reform curl definition.

For extra refinement and shine, consider SpotLite Shine Serum as your ultimate finishing aid.  Some “curly head” aficionados use this before, during and after….that is before drying, during the drying process as the curls begin to take full shape, and then after to finalize and deepen curls and calm flyaways that might happen along the way.  Second day hair loves it, too!

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