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MYTH about most oily hair exposed!!!

Most oily hair gets that way because of cosmetic build ups. They exacerbate your oil’s chance to slide down the strands of hair.

In response to the problem you try shampoos for OILY HAIR, and yes it looks good for a day, maybe. But here’s the nasty secret about those shampoos: they are harsh.

That’s not the worst part: … the harshness triggers your scalps acid mantle to restore itself – telling the glands to quickly restore the layer, creating oily hair

Without cosmetic residue, your natural oils should travel about 1/2 inch from the scalp per day. In a few days, you should only have a tiny bit of natural oils. BUT with silicones and other synthetic ingredients, your hair is pre-slicked. Natural oil SLIDES down the strand in as little as a few hours. This is why daily shampooing seems to be the answer.

At Belegenza we balance things out.
We feed your hair natural food grade products, and maintain a consistent ph level.

Here are 4 Easy to use Products:

1. GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener: Nutrition and scalp nourishment is the key. This is your best approach for gentle yet effective cleansing. Regular use balances the scalp creating healthy strands of better looking hair.

2. DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner: Concentrating on lightweight conditioning and non-slick shine ingredients, this conditioner gives your hair the body you’ve probably missed.

3 VirgINity Hair Repair: Use once every 7 shampoos to rejuvenate your hair. This will revive and renew your hair’s core elements. Spray on your hair from mid-shaft to ends and style.

4. PerForm Control Styling Gel: This clean feeling gel gives your hair hold and style control.

The above 4 products feed your hair natural food products. Your hair is free from cosmetic buildups.

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2 reviews for Oily Hair Balancing Package

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eric D., Baton Rouge , LA

    I have struggled for years with serious dandruff and dry scalp problems. I have tried many,

    many different shampoos and conditioners over the years, for example the ever popular H &Shoulders, S
    Blue, and even other so called organic products, but they would never really work. After using
    Belegenza for just a little over a month, my dandruff and dry scalp problems are virtually gone in just a month plus my hair looks a lot better. I whole-heartedly recommend Belegenza to anyone that has dandruff and/or dry scalp
    problems over any other product out there.

  2. Jaye N., NYC

    Oh My Goodness do I love the RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment. I love all of these, but I have to rave about the conditioner.

    With oily hair I normally cant put a conditioner all the way to my roots but I thought I would just try with this one and to my surprise no oil when I dried my hair. My frizz was considerably less and no knots in my other wise knot filled hair. It really did make my hair feel softer and I looked at the tips after a couple of use less breaks and even less split ends.

    “This conditioner’s intelligence manages structural and moisture levels simultaneously for unbelievable shine, strength, moisture balance and response from scalp to your precious ends” This blurb from the descrpition is all true for me and I think thats amazing. You can tell a difference even in the texture of the product in comparisson to its competitors. I can feel a difference in my hair and hopefully will be seeing the product on shelfs soon.

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