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If you are over 18 years old, you MUST know this…

Thinning will happen..sooner or later.

Don’t wait until it starts, because it could be too late.

(INSURE your best hair for a lifetime!)

Once the hormones switch, the follicle gets weak and you won’t realize it until 3-6 months later…when it just might be too late!


Delivers touchably clean hair
•Maximizes moisture & strength
•Ultra-concentrated for thicker, fuller looking hair
•Easy styling & staying power

Confidence at the gym, on the golf course, in the boardroom, or in the bedroom.

Isn’t it time to give up your concerns about what your hair looks like when it really counts?

You are definitely on the right track, now! 

These products will get your hair looking great without the stiff, toxic chemicals used in grocery store, drug store, salon and even beauty supply products.  Rather than counting hairs in the drain each morning, you awaken knowing you’ve served your hair the finest.  Your genetics may have a plan. By using this product combination, you are definitely going to defy those genetics for the longest lasting hair styles and growth you possibly can.

These are food-grade, so they empower what your scalp does best–grow hair. Sounds too goodThese are tried and true winners because we formulate with ALL compatible ingredients rather than tossing in the usual drug based ingredients, minty-stuff, and such into a synthetic base (go ahead and check out your other products–based in dimethicone and other fancy names for silicone and acrylates) as found in 97% of all grocery, salon and beauty supply products.

Excellence shows.  You know it. You feel it. You want it!  With this package of products each hair and each follicle now gets its perfect amount of cleansing, nutrition and style power.  Day by day, you will see the results, and they will notice, too.

It’s the healthiest and easy way to get a better look in less time.   Isn’t that what POWER is all about?  No wonder they make all the money, right?

Get started now with these four products that smell great- leaving you confident, powerful ….and simply magnetic:

1  llLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser
Fresh clean scent leaves hair and scalp perfect every time. Self-adjusting, gentle low lather powers away toxins, sweat, and grime, setting the stage for maximum follicle health and primes hair for strengthening and conditioning.

Apply just a dab for normal length hair, more for grimy days. And it’s okay to use more than once a day, if you’re active. By the way, it’s excellent as an all over body wash!

2  DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner
A quick dab will do. Apply, and feel the instant difference, and rinse!
Forgot your shave cream?  Use this, and you’ll never buy shave cream again!

3  GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray
Like the lore of strongman, Samson’s, hair, thick healthy hair is always a plus. (They really notice!) If you’ve already started thinning… you know this is true!

Feed your hair 24/7 with this energy packed follicle booster.
Apply 5 spritzes at the scalp and rub into the scalp before styling.
Think of it like a post-workout supplement stack for your hair, insurance for keeping your hair and defying unwanted follicle genetics! (Don’t even think the word…)

4  Taffy Styling Cream
A cream that you can use on wet and/or dry hair.
On wet hair, mold the hair, let it dry for a slightly crisp finish. Move it around after it’s dry. 

If you prefer to blowdry, apply some on wet hair and go for it.

On dry hair, twist it, spike it, push it around the way you like it. Remember it’s very concentrated, so a dab will do ya!

Because of its versatility, you can change it any time throughout the day by adding a bit more or simply moving it around (no stiffness or crunch).

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Need a reset button for your hair during the day??  Wet your hands and go at it again!

When you invest separately, it will cost $140.00, plus shipping.
You won’t pay that with this 4 product package.  You will now get all the above for $120.00 with
FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous U.S.

If you are the kind of man who deserves and demands the finest, this is the obvious right choice for you.

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